Heist Pokie Review – Learn To Play – Download – Win Bonus

It is very easy to conclude that Heist comprises of five reels with 30-payline video slots and it is developed by the BetSoft Gaming. This activity stuffed, the 3D game is a great story of foremost burglar and a detective investigator.

The slot has a great deal of rushes and features free spins multipliers, a wild reel, additional games and disseminates. It is right now not accessible on the mobile platform of the BetSoft, but rather within a short time, prior to this first class and exciting video slot is accessible on cell phones. The Heist slot is very perfect with Windows, Mac and Linux Os, and as it is online, there is no download important before you can play the game.



Heist allows you to play Neil Quailand, a bank looter who is dependable at one step in front of the determined criminologist, Albert Kowalski. Meanwhile, Neil is a challenging criminal who needs to break into a vault that is holding in excess of 9 million pounds in real money. In order to play as Neil, you need to carry out this prior to the arrival of the police! Will you be outsmarted by Detective Kowalski, or better still; escape with the money?

As you approach pulling the bank Heist, you are outfitted with extravagant contraptions and a Hollywood-like setting complete with infectious mood melodies in the background. The designs are esteemed true to life and which is all well and good.

For instance, you will see the splendid sparkle of the precious stones, and this exclusive upgrades your gaming knowledge. The console takes after a high-tech device directly from a Heist film. Images of Heist incorporate bank Blueprints, Diamonds, the Vault, the Ticking Clock and the Lock.


Heist is a moneymaking game that comprises of free spins, multipliers and scatter payouts. The slot includes a line of five game control buttons. If you want to play this slot, you need to pick the coin esteem and the number of paylines to play. You may likewise settle on the Max Bet Spin feature to choose all paylines.


When you arrive at a minimum of 3 Glass Cutter images, you initiate the Glass Cutter Feature. This allows you to pick one of the Glass Cutters to uncover a moment prize. It could be any of additional credits, bonus round, or free spins. On the off chance that you land the C4 image in the center reel, the reel detonates, acquiring you a wild.

All the wins on the wild reels will be multiplied. You may likewise prefer locking the wild reel until you go for another spin. To trigger the bonus round, you have to land the minimum 3 Vault images. You will then pick which strategy you may like to open the vault with—is it to crack the code, annihilation or safecracker?


This game possesses coins with values somewhere in the range of 0.02 and 0.50. You are permitted up to 5 credits for each line. The greatest wager esteem is 150 coins. The most extreme payout for the greatest wager is 2,500 credits. With the authenticity in the illustrations, gambling the greatest wager will turn out to be the most agreeable.

How to Play

Heist does not compromise quality and activity when compared to different slots from BetSoft Gaming. The slot provides first rate designs, sound impacts, and engaging mood melodies. Customization is conceivable in view of your own inclinations, and the play buttons are obviously shown. In any case, the most amazing component is the unimaginable illustrations.

Heist, similar to some other BetSoft slot games, is exceedingly intuitive, simple to play, and easy to use. Combined with enormous payouts, this is slot is an unquestionable requirement that you must play.

Design of Heist Slots

Times without number, an online game comes with something that is intuitive in its clutches which cannot assist but pull you in. it is not a thing that each game can do but when it occurs, you will know that you are in for a nice time.

Playson who is the up and coming developer of casinos has designed a game that can captivate the whole idea. This Heist game that promises to steal away your time form your competitive games is known as the Heist. If you were told something about this slot, it is very important to investigate as it sounds, it will be a thing you will surely enjoy. Just judge it by what you already see; definitely, you cannot be wrong.

Stealing the Show

When the Heist slot begins, you will be treated to an opening cinematic which is a rarely seen feature in the realm of casinos on the internet. You will see that your thief break the museum and with such instant having to dodge danger, as there are mummies roaming about the halls. This concept of the theme of Heist is such a fantastic one.

The entire presentation of the slot is too superb. It is the kind of night-time and obviously our thief on the top left side of the reels. Museum can as well be seen and this museum features many statues and artwork that is protected by lasers as the settings. The dark starry night offers perfect covering and the kind of atmosphere you can occasionally see a shooting star on talus.

Mummies Galore

The visuals of Heist have proven to be very strong with only being complimented by those features on the reels. The images look very great as you can see the stylish number and letter images together with mummies, a crown, a decoder and security of the museum.

Moving with Stealth

The user interface of this game is very cool. As regards the background of the user interface, one can see it engraved to the extent that you will be expecting to see the roman pillars. It’s like it was carved out of the cold grey stone which makes it seemingly reverend on the screen.

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