Hoot Loot Online and Hardware Slots

Hoot Loot Slots has recently undergone a facelift and a tune-up under the hood. This includes a new and much more sophisticated algorithm. The maker of Hoot Loot Slots, which is International Game Technology (IGT), has been able to keep the old world classic feeling of the game while modernizing the attractiveness of the game with visible and unseen bells and whistles.

In 2015 Gtech acquired ITG, but kept the famous IGT name and continues to use it still today. The online version is similar to other games made by IGT and exactly same as real money slot machine in Las Vegas. After all, its main icon is an owl (hence the name “Hoot”) that wears a British top hat. You can’t get any more classic than that. The action of the reels, the soundtrack, and graphics have also been refined a bit.


Vegas Version vs Online Versions

Unfortunately, Hoot Loot, like many classics, experienced several years of wide popularity in all gambling meccas like Las Vegas, Kansas City, New York, Atlantic City, etc., only to be followed by a few years of decline in a physical presence in the brick-and-mortar casinos, as well as a loss of favouritism among gamers. Eventually, the makers stepped in to up their game (pun intended) and now this classic game is back in high demand.

Sounds like the plot in many a Hollywood movie. Indeed, the makers have gone one step further and in addition to updating the “original classic” version, it is now promoting a brand new iteration they call Super Hoot Loot. There’s even a Hoot Loot Jackpot version found at some casinos! All of these are now available online, iPad, Mac, Android, and Smartphone versions.

Hoot Loot Game Strategy

To play this game you can start create an account after visiting this page and creating an account.

The owl is the main mascot of Hoot Loot Slots. Therefore, you would be safe to assume that the accompanying characters would be animals friendly to the owl and that it would be natural for the owl and his compatriots to hang out together in a friendly forest. You would be correct in your speculations,

Accordingly, enjoy the bears, nests filled with huge owl eggs, mushrooms, happy moose, sly foxes, prickly porcupines, fresh strawberries, adorable bears and tracks of bears, eagles, and flora of a typical forest. This is a 5-reel game that hosts 20 paylines in its simplest version. The Wild symbol is the colorful hoot owl which doubles as the game’s logo. It is powerful enough to serve as a substitute on any reel for any of the other symbols, such as foxes, porcupines, etc.

Of course, the game comes equipped with the standard Bonus Rounds. In this case, it is called the Safe Bonus of the Hoot. The Safe Bonus acts as a multiplier at 25 times your bet. Another winning tool is the Wild symbols. Getting five Wilds on a payline will net you 20,000 play coins.

The Safe Bonus becomes available during play when three or more Scatters appears on reels 5, 3 or 1 unlike other pokies like Heist. Once the Safe Bonus is triggered, a dialogue box will open and you will be required to choose a safe symbol. The chosen Safe Symbol will display rewards in virtual cash that effectively multiply your stake by five times up to 25 times.

There is also a special playline called the “Hoot Line”. The Hoot Line consists of matching icons on a single payline. The matching icons must completely fill the payline, from left to right. If you are successful, your stake will be multiplied by the game’s multiplier, thereby increasing your earnings.

If you were playing all 20 available paylines at the time the Hoot Line was triggered, your cash stake will be multiplied by a factor of 22.

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