Jaguar Mist Slot Machine Review

The game that we just mention is very interesting and connects us to the jungle world. Jaguar Mist Slot is a very exciting game and everybody you hear for the first time remembers either Jaguar as a wild animal or the famous, luxurious and very expensive car.



The game is designed in a very nice and nice way as every element and every detail of it connects to the jungle. The player may feel it is in the house of the dark animals in the jungle because there can be found many important elements from belongs to that place. The game consists of forest animals, a large forest, a river and animals that each contain a symbol. All the animals that are present are important symbols, but the most important symbol of the game is the Jaguar symbol.

Graphics and Design

The game is built in a very nice way as it contains many elements that differentiate it from other games. The game has very nice graphics, as well as the animations that are used, are also very nice designs. The player may have the desire to play again more than just the way the game has the background sound backgrounds as they are similar to the real jungle world. All the sounds of animals are built in a very realistic way and give the player many positive feelings, but the graphics are also nice and very wonderful.

The game is designed in a very interesting and very efficient way it is built with 5 main scrolls and 4 lines that are replaced by images. The game is built with a few colorful colors of purple and black.Aristocrat has built the games in a very wonderful way and has made the players passionate and they love this game in every detail.


The game has a great opportunity that gives players the ability to play to make the right combinations of the symbols that appear. Jaguar Mist is a slot that can be played in 1024 ways for and to be rewarded. Important in this game is for the player to make the right combinations and get what they want.

As in any other game, there are wild symbols and distribution symbols in order to multiply the player’s income. If the player puts 5 wild symbols on a line can be rewarded with NZD300. The wild card in this slot is orchids in yellow and can replace any other symbol except the distribution symbol. If the player chooses to place 3-5 symbols on one of the lines available, he/she can activate the Jaguar Mist function and this kind of function can give the player 8-20 spins. If the player places 2-4 wild symbols in a line then his income will be tripled.


The player is likely to win a high percentage of money and the highest value he can win if there are 5 Jaguar symbols in a line is NZD300. The car of this slot, in reality, has nothing to do with the slot machine in England called the Fruit Machine but contains many elements that make it a player for itself, ranging from colors, background music,and various important elements.

The game also has available buttons that increase the value of money by multiplying and increasing the cost and the game becomes even more interesting when buttons that increase the values and give the player more benefits. The game can start by setting different coins from the NZD0.01 value reaching a maximum value that goes up to NZD 1 and can be set by 1-25 rounds. Also, when the highest bet reaches a color that is red.


The player has plenty of opportunities to get free spins and in this way, he is sure he will increase his income by multiplying and feeling appreciated by the amount he will get. The player can win much more if he activates the Symbols the distribution and the wild ones. Everyone is welcome to play and to be rewarded, you can find the game online and then you can see the benefits. The game is also available (like Indian Dreaming) in Play Store and you can download and can install it.

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