Jungle Wild Online Slot Review

The Jungle Wild Slots series of games are fun and easy to play. The game series is manufactured by a large gaming outfit called WMS Industries.

Five years ago, Scientific Games Corporation, a Las Vegas-based $3.5 billion gaming juggernaut bought WMS Industries for $1.5 billion, a renowned slots game manufacturer in its own right. WMS is the inventor of a gaming technology called G+ and G+ Deluxe that revolutionized Jungle Wild slots a few years ago and that reminds us of slots like Wild Panda.

The G+ series of online video games promotes slightly larger reel interfaces and is based on their research that such configurations will give gamers increased excitement and a heightened gaming experience.



Another one of its new formats is the G+ 5×4 Series. It has higher line counts in the range of 50 to 100 paylines.  There’s also a G+ Mechanical Series, but it must be played on a network-based system only. Notwithstanding, it showcases much-heralded features like bigger reel symbols and an oversized interface; larger win meter; and a booming Winning Celebration soundtrack system.

All games in the G+ family come equipped with Jackpots, Bonus Rounds, dedicated and specialized lighting effects, and Super Big Win tools. The G+ and G+ Deluxe Series are big on ambiance, HD sound, special effects and brightly colored symbols. First, it attracts you, then it aims to keep you for as long as possible with its alluring technology.

Jungle Wild Slots in Las Vegas

Finding hardware versions of Jungle Wild Slots are relatively easy in Las Vega and other gaming meccas. Even so, you may have to strain an eye from time to time to locate one because they don’t tend to be located in the “featured” or most visible locations in the gaming salons. But they are there, as their popularity demands their presence in the brick-and-mortar land-based sites.

The situation is not the same when it comes to Crazy Goose and some of the online versions of Jungle Wild Slots, however. They are much rarer and don’t exist at all online in particular gaming locations or in certain parts of the US and its northern neighbor, Canada. It is just the opposite in the United Kingdom. Some slots, like Mad Scientist, are very popular. In the UK, the online versions of Jungle Wild Slots are abundant. Obviously, this enigma exists because of the gaming licenses restrictions, which are too complicated to address here.

Easy money

Like Safari Sam, this is one of the easiest slots games to play, leading some people to think of the game as “easy rules equal easy money”. However, that is only partially true. Just sit back, look up, press the Start button to spin the reels, and you’re off to the races, so to speak.

Features, Mascots, and Icons

As mentioned above, the ambiance, graphics, and audio are fantastic on Jungle Wild Slots. The colorful graphics comprise butterflies, parrots, monkeys, brightly painted fresh flowers, and much more for your gaming enjoyment.

To win, you must keep spinning until you get a minimum of three and up to five of the same symbols on the same spin line! You can increase the value of your winnings if you attract a Wild symbol. The presence of a Wild symbol on a payline entitles you to free Bonus Rounds, which can be re-triggered.

The game operates on 30 adjustable paylines that are modifiable directly from the sizable interface and permits your stake to be multiplied by the game’s multipliers. The Bonus Rounds also increase your earnings, so proactively play towards triggering them. In that way, you earn more money. Believe the old adage, the higher you bet, the more you make, to paraphrase.

The Verdict

Playing any of the versions of Jungle Wild Slots is incredibly simple and a whole lot of fun, like playing Gostbusters Slot. I hope to see you soon sitting beside me in the UK, Canada or the USA playing Jungle Wild Slots.

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