Mad Scientist Slot Review

Insane analyses, a mystery underground lab, and a onetime, geeky looking researcher is the thing that you will find when gambling on the online version of the game – Mad Scientist slots. This slot comprises of a five-reel coupled with 20 pay line. It is the 3D game developed by BetSoft.



The story behind the Mad Scientist slot depends on an occupied, clandestine lab in which our distraught researcher, Dr. Walter Prescott found a recipe that can transform objects to gold. This is the right time for the great specialist to carry out his innovation.

Also, this gives you the chance to help him as you become a piece of a recorded revelation. From the beginning, it is very obvious Dr. Prescott is not your real and typical researcher searching for the remedy for an uncommon infection.

Absolutely not! But his intentions are totally fiscal, more so that he is excessively fixated on riches and every one of his investigations are tied in with profiting. Presently, you have an opportunity to get reasonable gold of your choice as you assist the mad researcher with his examinations.

The images in this game include all the science apparatus such as the test tube, Switch, Atomic Model, high Voltage, Microscope, Chalkboard and Gigwatts Meter. This is just to mention a few examples.


In the same way as others of the more established age games, the game in question has a plenty of unique features that will continue to engage you until you are stuck to the slot and you have struck it rich.

  • Wild symbol

This is Chalkboard. The symbol will substitute other symbols except scatter symbol and the combinations of the bonus game.

  • Scatter symbol

This is the switch symbol. Win grants rising to about 250 credits if at least three Switch images show up anyplace on reels through dynamic paylines. Different features incorporate incentive of Click me and also an incentive on the second screen.

The game includes the following feature;

  • Scatters
  • Wilds
  • Click me
  • An uncommon second-screen reward loaded with huge payouts.

The slot is not accessible at the moment on the mobile device of BetSoft’s ToGo, yet its continuation, it is continued in Madder Scientist. These two slots, however, are perfect on Linux, Mac, and Windows.


Gamble the online version of this game and appreciate remunerative payouts by means of Great Experiment which is the incentive from the second-screen. This component is actuated via landing at least three Beaker images anyplace on reels. When you get to the second screen, you will come across Dr. Prescott.

This specialist is always prepared to examine his golden serum. In order to do this, you have to choose among the four objects for examination. The distraught researcher will dribble the possible gold serum on the question. On the off chance that it transforms into bronze, silver or gold, you will be rewarded as needs be the point at which the analysis is finished.

The feature of Wild’o’Cution will naturally transform images to wilds as it is enacted when the Tesla Coils symbol shows up on the 1st and last number on the reels of a functioning payline.

Furthermore, the Bio Pick Me bonus is actuated when at least 3 Hazard symbols fall on a functioning payline. This reward 175 credits as your incentives are additionally duplicated by your wagered per line, which makes that maximum wager all the more imperative on this slot.

Points of Confinement

Coin esteems run between 0.02 and 0.50. Bet 5 credits for each payline and about 20 pay lines, for the greatest wager equivalent to 100 credits. The Mad Scientist slot is highly gainful when the greatest wager is set.

How to Play

This slot, just similar to all other best games developed by Betsoft designed with an easy to understand interface and is not difficult to play. The buttons for coin esteem, wagers per line, and the paylines are obviously checked and on the game screen where you can likewise see your rewards, current wager, and credits.

This superior quality game will speak to science and science fiction fans as well as Viking fans who appreciate free online slots and enormous payouts.

The authentic Mad Scientist game developed by Betsoft was so crazy enough and the continuation has taken things to another level entirely. The game is anchored by a 3D mad scientist which is completely full of German accent. This mad scientist sits working at the front of the reels.

There are some amazing features such as the capability of re-spin any reel after a spin, choosing bonus game and a wild reel re-spin incentive as well. The brain behind this game has a unique innovation and feelings about this slot. It is just to remind us of the newest era of console games or just to enliven the films.

The slot game sequence offers you a taste of what to expect with the mad scientist and worried rabbit. The mode of the reels is in the laboratory of the scientist in addition to tubes, pipes, chemical jars and switches which are at the base of the game. The reels are made up of the rabbit, chemicals, helper and the scientist himself.

There are numerous animations such as win-line sequences and also well-developed bonus games. The soundtrack goes well with the theme of the slot, a little deranged stylish track plays and this looks to be fading in and out with the action. The huge win animation is worth gambling but all you need is just see the slot and find out how it goes.

Game Setup

It is possible for you to play the maximum of 30-paylines in this game. It is suggested that the whole number must be played as this will maximize your wins if the reels will go wild for the switch bonus.

The least spin is 2 cent for each line or 60 cents for a spin. Better still; you can go for a dollar or thirty dollars per spin which is the highest amount. What are you waiting for, this is the time to take advantage of this engaging and enticing game and feel the great experience it brought.

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