So Many Monsters Online Slot Review

The So Many Monsters Slot by microgaming has been a roaring success. The game is so innovative it’s hard to put into words and just playing the slot will show you that for yourself! With 5 x 3 reels, 25 pay lines on each spin, starting with an explosive bang of monsters reeling across your screen – this slots-game does not disappoint.

The monsters are not so scary which you use to see in many of the Hollywood horror movies or perhaps in your dreams, but they are very cuddly and affable type of monsters. The monsters in the game are of 5 types on the reels, wilds and the scatter icons which can help you a great deal in deploying the number of other features of the So Many Monsters Slot game.


It is an ideal game for the gamblers who are playing it for money purposes and not just entertainment. The payout percentage is significantly better than a number of other online video slot games.

Stake Levels

The game bounds you to play for all the 25pay lines associated with this So Many Monsters Slot game and you must be well prepared and aware of doing it. The value of the coins and the coins on each line of the game are modifiable, so the gamblers should look to find different stake levels which should be according to your preference and most importantly your game play style. If you plan well and decide wisely on the stake levels, then this So Many Monsters Slot game can be really beneficial for you money wise.

Jackpot Payout

For the purpose of playing and eventually winning the jackpot, you should refer to the pay table of this So Many Monsters Slot game which will show the current jackpot for which you can play for. The jackpot payout depends on the stakes that you have selected to play with in this So Many Monsters Slot game.

Standard Reel icons

Microgaming has introduced 2 sets of icons on the reels of the game. The first one of these is the standard playing card icons and the other set of icons are the ones with higher payout which are actually depicted by the monster symbols.

Scatter and bonus icons

The icons having the green slate in the So Many Monsters Slot game are actually the scatter icons or the scatter symbols of the game. The online gamblers playing this game at Casino Land are required to get at least three of the scatter symbols in order to win the bonus feature of having free spins.

Wild Symbols

The logo icons of the So Many Monsters Slot game are the wild icons or the wild symbols. Whenever a spin is made in the game, these wild symbols help the online player a lot in the completion of the winning combinations. But, make sure that the wild symbols by no means can help you to make to the bonus round through the scatter icons by triggering the winning combinations.

The game is without a doubt very entertaining and lucrative for the gamblers financially at the same time. So whatever your intentions are in an online casino, just go for this game and it will surely look well after you in either way.

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