Max Damage Slot Review

A lot of online slot players are confused about the Max Damage Slot game that whether it is a good game or not. The Microgaming claims that it is a fine game for obvious reasons that they are the producer of this game.

Let us have a close look at the game and decide that whether the Max Damage Slot game is good or not. A good insight into the game reveals that it is a kind of a combination of the classic arcade games of the earlier time.

It is a bit weird and different from most of the other online video slot games. It doesn’t have any reel or pay lines and you also don’t need to spin anything. Your role in the game is to fight and win against the alien army ships by taking on the role of the Max Damage in the Max Damage Slot game.

The alien army ships are also looking to attack you so you better be quick and kill them before they kill you or attack your spaceships. The rule of thumb applies here that: if it moves, then just shoot it. It is a very compelling and an exciting game that you forget at times that you are playing for real money and it is gambling.


How the Max Damage Slot game works?

Attacking and succeeding in destroying the alien ship cost you 10 coins each time. As there are no spins in the Max Damage Slot game, so the players should think of one ship as a one spin. The destruction of a spacecraft will however give you a payout up to 25 times your bet. But at the same time, it can pay out nothing to the online gambler. The equivalent of the usual bonus like in the other traditional video slot game starts from the level 3 of the game and goes on to level 8 and 9 as well where 9 is the highest level in the Max Damage Slot game. The 9th level is the one where you try to win the game by killing the boss, which gives you an undetermined multiplier on the bet that you placed.

Credits and your balance in the Max Damage Slot Game

Your balance continuously fluctuates just as you go on destroying the ships in the game which might confuse a lot of players at first. Most of the traditional online video slot games add up your winning usually at the end of every round. But in the Max Damage Slot game, winnings are added just as you win them in any round or level of the game. It is for this reason that the online gamblers playing this Max Damage Slot games don’t see their winnings going up at the end of each round.

What is wrong with this game?

Now the million dollar question that why Max Damage Slot game is not a great online video slot game. Despite being so much of entertainment in the game, it isn’t too ideal money wise for the online gamblers. It is because your winnings are accumulated right on the spot which actually doesn’t allow you to analyze at the end of each round that how you are doing in the Max Damage Slot game. The absence of the pay table is also a big limitation which limits your action and moves as you cannot devise a plan or strategy to play the game based on the pay table.

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