Michelangelo Pokie Review

If you prefer a slots game where the icons tumble from the top of the screen to fill the play area rather than the spinning reels type action of the older games, then Michelangelo slots was made with you in mind.

These machines are becoming more and more popular and replacing many of the dated slots that have spinning reels, in much the same way as touchscreen mobile phones knocked many — but certainly not all — of the keypad mobiles off the market.



Perhaps Michelangelo has finally gotten his due from at least slots gamers because who would have thought that one day he would be the theme of a slots machine played by gamers the world over with enthusiasm and excitement, despite the fact that probably 90% of players couldn’t tell you one art piece Michelangelo painted, sculptured, carved, or designed.

No matter, the game is no less fun if you don’t know, or if you do know. Just play and have fun. If you feel guilty, you can pay for an art history course with the money you win. High5 Games practically gives you an art course for free as you play the game, but you’ll have to pay attention.

Game Features

The game has 99 paylines (why not make it an even 100?) that pay homage to the great artist of the 14th century with square Wilds, Scatters and Bonus Spins dedicated to Michelangelo’s famous works of art. During play, you will meet the statute of Moses, David, what looks like a headshot of the Madonna of “Madonna and Child” fame, gold coins, the poker card emblems 10, J, Q, K and A, in rising order, and finally, the highest dollar icon, the letter “M”, which serves as a shortcut for Michelangelo.

The paylines in this game are modifiable by the player. The gamer can bet on only one line or 99, 50, 25, or 10, depending on his or her mood or the depth of the player’s pockets. The maximum bet on a single line is NZD990 and the smallest is 1 cent.

Spin Feature

Luckily the Auto Spin feature is part of this game’s repertoire. To start the function, the gamer must press and hold the Spin knob and then choose the number of auto spins he wants. After that, he can select the number of Auto Spins desired, with the minimum spins being 5.

Michelangelo slot has two Wild symbols that are capable of landing on two different reel sets and have the power to substitute for all lesser icons. During bonus Spins, the Red Ruby Wild can land on reels 3, 2, and 1 only; whereas the Wild symbols displayed during base game play occupy reels 4, 3, and 2, but it is unable to replace the more powerful Scatter symbol.

Game Strategy

Once you press the Spin button the icons will start tumbling downward until a winning combination — sometimes assisted by the morphing Wilds and Scatters — is hit by you. When a winning combination is achieved, the symbols that constitute the combination will explode, setting the stage for the higher level symbols to cascade downward and fill the empty spaces left by the destroyed lower symbols.

The cascading symbols (vs the spinning reels) adds to the excitement and some say increase the player’s chances of winning more frequently and getting larger payouts to boot. The RTP of Michelangelo is a smidgen beneath 95% which will not make your heart palpate in anticipation of major payoffs.

The “theoretical payout percentage” (or technically, the “Random alongside The Percentage”), or what’s called the RTP (return to player) in common slot lingo is the amount of money bet, in percentages, that will be returned to the gambler from a specific machine over a minimum of 1,000 games played on that machine. This is governed by law and each machine must state clearly on the machine or in its software (interface) what its RTP is.

The general range slots are permitted to pay out to punters against the money they bet is between 98% on the high end down to 82% on the lower end of the scale. This is governed by law and each machine’s RTP must be stated clearly on the machine or in its software.

Bonus Rounds

Michelangelo’s Free Spins are activated by the presence of the Free Games bonus symbol which is prohibited from landing on any reels except three, two and one. A maximum of four spins will be awarded for activating symbols that occupy a single payline. All the Free Spins will be counted together if you are so lucky as to achieve the landing of multiple Free Bonus Games symbols on various other paylines and they also form independent winning combinations.

The Free Spin and/or the Base Play modes can accommodate the Tumbling Reels feature and this feature is triggered by also getting winning combinations. The Tumbling Reels feature replaces the winning combo symbols as the lesser symbols dissolve and disappear.

Sometimes this happens in such rapid succession that it is hard to see what’s going on the screen because as fast as you get winning combinations the Tumbling Reels replace the winning combo symbols and this can continue in machine gun fashion until you run out of winning combinations. All the while, your stake steadily increases in coins and value.


In many slots games, once you trigger the Free Bonus Spins feature you can retrigger the feature again while the first Bonus Spins is in action, thereby extending bonus play. Unfortunately, Michelangelo lacks a retriggering feature and that disheartens many players who otherwise love this game and its subtle art history lessons.


This game is fun to play and also educational for those who need to brush up on the Renaissance Era and renaissance men like Michelangelo. But it suffers from a lackluster soundtrack, graphics which could use modernizing and an increase in its RTP — which is not the lowest legally allowable which is 82% RTP. Additionally, perhaps it could tweak its software and add a retriggering feature during the Bonus Spins.

All that said, it still is an enjoyable and easy game to play. More for the occasional player and novice, but definitely not for the veteran players and high rollers.

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