Octopays Online Slot Review

Online slot gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment among lazy indolent, slothful beings. The free money they get at these games is enough to make them happy and keep them that way for a long time. OctoPays online slots have an attractive design with plenty of opportunities to win even more prizes just by playing their game!


The zinced, rusty wrench can be clearly observed on the game set. One can’t simply give applause to the graphic designers of this game, given such amusing and colorful background and immense creativity. The five reels of the slot machine are filled with symbols and underwater creatures, like octopus, treasure chest, hammered sharks and some sought of helmets (these, not very well designed, I must say). The pokers for 9 to ace are also a part of the reels. Well, obviously what playnowis a slot machine without poker cards, anyway? So it was pretty essential part of the game.

Attractive features

An attractive feature for gamers is the 243 winning ways. Normally, slot game have not any win ways, take care well of the engineering strategies. But this game, OctoPays, offers 243 ways to win. Not only to win but there are various propositions like free spins and wilds. Who doesn’t fall for free spins? Well, everyone does: probably the reason they offer free 12 spins. But it is not so simple after all. In fact, there is this special bonus called ‘The Kraken Bonus’ which awards 12 spins all for free! Moreover, while you start spinning the free spins, up to 4 octopus wild symbols are allowed to be placed on the reels, randomly; but not on the 3rd reel. There comes the idea of surprise appearance of a wild symbol on the 3rd reel. This surprise wild symbol is not a simple sign but offers a great mouth-watering deal. This is: any win on the substituting octopus is multiplied by 2.

Kraken Bonus

There are a billion game engineering tactics, one can never figure out what he might be losing at something he sees to be much profitable. The same is the case in the Kraken bonus; Sad enough? Yes, the octopus wild symbol that appears while the free spinning things is being done, that symbol only acts as substitute wilds but not real wilds: the reason, there is no 5 wild combination on the pay table.


Sure OctoPays sounds interesting, even looks so. But one can’t deny, when you come to know the real instructions behind the game it’s pretty confusing. Plus, the wilds offered aren’t even real wilds. A little tip to the game engineers a gamer might suggest is to try making simpler and less complex games so they could be handy to play and fun to win. But then again who has got enough cheeks to ‘propose’ the idea to engineers? If they win, they’re winning merely through a random match in between the reels, no hard work, no real mind probing; mere luck, mere fate.

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