Pelican Pete Pokie Review

Pelican Pete Slots is another fine release by Aristocrat Gaming, an Australian slots game manufacturer that features prominently in the global arena of online and offline casino games. The game is mostly standard fare for standard electronic poker games.

Pelican Pete is a rather likable fella with his iconic captain’s hat and ocean theme. You’ll find sunken treasure chests filled with a booty of jewels and pieces of eight, coral-colored starfish, serene sunsets over placid waves, lost anchors, smiling fish and the obligatory lighthouse.


Ship Ahoy!

Pelican Pete was one of the first games to incorporate 50 paylines into its arsenal. Pete remains armed with 50 paylines still today. The game also has a now-common Sticky Wild symbol that increases your chances to win and acts as a multiplier of your wins. Pete keeps the focus money by having a bill full of shiny gold coins instead of flopping fish that resent having been caught by a gluttonous seabird.

Sunsets by the Seashore

All beach bums and the occasional to-the-beach vacationer will find the seashore theme relaxing as the themed icons inhabit the paylines and spin towards your next payout. To get there the player will have to appreciate the strategy of play. If you get three of any one of the symbols mentioned above on a payline, you will trigger a free Bonus Round. The Lighthouse symbol, because it represents the Scatter symbol will pay the most, certainly if you get the maximum of five Lighthouses on a single payline.

That will score you a hefty haul of 1,600 points or coins. Five placating sunsets will net you eight thousand points. As usual, the game’s mascot, here Pelican Pete, doubles as the Wild symbol. As such, he can substitute for any of the lesser symbols, except the Lighthouse Scatter icon, and create you a winning combination. However, Pelican Pete can only occupy reels five, four, three and two. A special feature of the Pelican Pete Slots game is that if Pete pops up during a free Bonus Spin, he freezes in place until all the free spins have been used.

Free Bonus Splashes

Unlike most slots games, Pelican Pete awards you 10 Bonus Spins right off the boarding plank. It’s not a reward, it’s an award. You don’t have to do anything but press the Play button. If you manage to get three Lighthouse Scatter icons in a row, and you almost certainly will, the Pelican Wild symbol will kick in and freeze there until all your free spins conclude.

But often the Wild and Scatter symbols are re-triggered again and again, and so Bonus spins continue to mount until suddenly you’re off to the boat races for the coins. Increased Bonus Rounds result in increased paylines, and increased paylines have more room for more symbols which, of course, create more opportunities to earn more and larger payouts. It’s like a pirate’s paradise!

On a Wing and a Prayer

Unlike some slots machines that let you set how many paylines you want to play for a given spin, Pelican Pete makes it mandatory that each time you spin, you are playing all 50 reels. No choice. Just incorporate this rule into your strategy for the game. For example, to compensate for this rigid rule, Pelican Pete allows you to vary the bid amount that you bet on a given spin. The range of coins you can bet is wide. You can bet as much as 400 coins on a round or as little as 2 coins. Now that’s very generous of the old bird!

Bon Voyage

For whatever reason, Aristocrat Gaming seems to have tweaked Pelican Pete to lean toward generosity and frequent payouts. That’s very good for the casual player and the novice who wants to stick their toe in and slowly gage the temperature of the water, so to speak.

Plus, the game’s adjustable wager range from 400 to 2 coins makes it accessible for a wide base of players with budgets that cover the gamut. It’s easy to play and the rules are simple. The 50 reels make the game just challenging enough, but not so much that you feel like you are in a competition. So with this much going for this game why don’t you dive in at the deep end, and give it a swim.

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