Pompeii Online Pokie Review

In 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroyed the Roman city of Pompeii in Italy. The event is known as the Fall of Pompeii because it was once a thriving community like many others but then became one that would be forgotten for centuries to come.

The eruption lasted two days and killed 16 people out of 20 thousand who were living there at the time though not all casualties are accounted for due to poor record keeping techniques used by Romans back in those times with regard to tracking deaths caused by natural disasters or epidemics such as this occasion when ash from volcanic material buried most remains so they could never find them again before decomposing altogether under pressure over millennia after much discussion among scholars about what exactly accounts for an accurate death toll.

Everything was covered by four to six meters of hot lava, volcanic ash, and pumice. All was lost: riches, heirlooms, gold, diamonds, trinkets, and human life. Part of the theme of this great and popular slots game is that you must scour the buried city in search of any valuables that are recoverable. So like Julius Caesar, you must come, you must see, and you must conquer.



For years, this has been one of the most popular games at land-based casinos. Now with an online version, it’s as ubiquitous on your laptop or mobile device screens!

This game is often played in both traditional and digital forms. It can be found equally among laptops and mobiles alike but its popularity has never dwindled away from outdoor gambling establishments either.

Pompeii Slots allows for fast-paced wins during regular game play and even during the Bonus Spins. Obviously, a game about Pompeii would have to be set against the motif of the Roman Empire. As such, its symbols are not surprisingly: the iconic Roman helmet, chariots, armor, gold coins, Roman weaponry, amulets, and the typical poker card icons – king, ace, queen, and jack.

The game boasts powerful sound effects that seem to make the machine vibrate in an effort to simulate an earthquake or erupting volcano. Scary but nonetheless effective. The Pompeii slots game is available for play online and offline but is only slowly moving toward mobile and Smartphone compatibility just like Fire Queen is available in mobile devices just like Fire Queen is available in mobile devices.

Game Strategy

Aristocrat Gaming was so impressed with its Reel Power slots game enhancement that it quickly patented it and immediately incorporated the new tool into its gaming consoles. The tweak was an immediate hit with gaming fans as it expands players’ opportunities to achieve money making winning combinations.

Aristocrat now uses the tool in many of its other games. The Pompeii slots game sports a reel layout that fits a 5X5 payline grid. This enables Pompeii to display a total of 243 paylines. The amount you can bet ranges on a spectrum from fifty cents to NZD25 (credits) per stake, with a maximum of 125 credits. The maximum enables you to go big during base play.

The RTP (return to player) payout is in the higher range and the jackpot can reach over twelve thousand credits. This game gives you up to 243 possible combinations to hit a winning jackpot, and that’s without a multiplier, but this must occur during the maximum play spins not base gameplay. Nevertheless, the opportunity to win the maximum jackpot is greater than in comparable slots games.

Bonus Rounds

As could be anticipated, the Wild symbol is represented by the awesome volcano. The Wild volcano substitutes for every symbol except the Scatter symbol, which is the gold coin. It has the option of landing on the 2nd reel, where multiplies a stake or win 3x; or it may land on the 4th reel where it acts as a 5x multiplier. That’s not all. If two volcanos together land on reels four and two, the multiplier maximizes as 15x.

The Gold Coin can trigger up to 20 Bonus Spins during Bonus Rounds. Five, four and three Scatters will give you 20, 15, and 10 Bonus Spins, in that order. The Bonus Rounds can be retriggered again and again. This will certainly increase your chances to win and your winnings.

You can earn up to a maximum of 20 free spins, but this can only be reached when the Wild volcano symbol appears during bonus spins. This game does not contain paylines, as most games do. So as long as a winning combination is accomplished, viewing from left to right, you win.

The Verdict

In addition to being able to travel back in history, explore classical knowledge and win a few coins in the process, you will enjoy playing Pompeii (today spelled with only one “i”) as it affords you ample opportunity to win big and to win often with its several multipliers, high rate of Bonus Rounds and multiple spin reels mounted on an easily readable 5×5 grid. Now it is up to you to fight for the Empire!

Game Features

The slots offer players to win big sums of money and create a lot of opportunities for them to win money by bonuses when the player makes the right combination. A player is thought to place a bet that is about 25 points. If the player puts a bet of 25 cents maximum at the value of 100, then the chances of winning are too great. The player can increase the value of the bet he has made and thus increase the chance to earn more money.

Like any other electronic game, there are some symbols that can double the price and money the player has. The most important symbols are the wild symbol and the distribution symbol. The wild symbol in this game is a dragon that is green and can replace all other symbols but is unable to substitute the symbol for the currency distribution.

The player can win the bonus in this game when they play at CasinoLand when the dragon you can find it from the first roll to the third roll. The player can choose some freerolls when he chooses the extra bet.

When a player succeeds in setting normal money values then it will be less than likely to get a large number of freerolls. The player must choose a coefficient which to multiply the incomes he has and sees the opportunities that will give him the ones to win free rolls without paying the money but to win from the bonus round. The player can achieve to win 15 rounds when he chooses a coefficient between 8, 5, and 10.


5 Dragons is a game that everyone has rated very valuable and has given them a lot of value. The game creates its players to get the bonus rounds that every player wants. The game has some important elements and one of them is and the envelope that appears each time the player shows their winnings which can reach up to 50. Interestingly, the way players get bonuses and how to win money.

The game is very exciting full of positive energy and encourages players to win more and play more. Players can find this game and others like Five Times Pay in the Play Store and download them to have their own phones. The game can be made by everyone on Android and IOS devices. You are welcome!

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