Renoir Riches Slot ReviewHow to Play Online – FREE BONUS

Renoir Riches is a Tumbling Reels-type slots game. The eponymous game is named after the famous 19th Century French impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), whose tiny reproductions of “Two Sisters” and “Two Girls at the Piano” appear in the game in caricature style.The tumbling reels came into vogue several years ago and were a hit among veteran gamers immediately because it instantly expanded a player’s opportunity to get more wins or to win a jackpot.

The technology for the tumbling reels was pioneered by the famed International Game Technology (IGT) slots games makers.  In 2015 Gtech acquired ITG, but kept the famous IGT name and continues to use it still today.There is an entire segment of casino gamblers that are so wedded to the feel and functions of tumbling reels slots that they will play no other type reel of slots. It’s almost like a fetish with them. The online version of Renoir Riches, like a lot of the games made by IGT, is very similar to the original real money slot machines in Las Vegas. IGT has been able to keep the old world classic feeling of its land-based games while modernizing the attractiveness of the game with visible and unseen bells and whistles.

Renoir Paints the Internet

Keeping up with the Kardashians, IGT now has both online and offline versions of Renoir Riches. The online version is free to experience and enjoy for as long as you like. My advice is to play the online free version until you get the feel of the game and possibly become an expert at winning big. Then visit one of the brick and mortar land-based locations and play for real money. Amaze your friends. They will think you are a casino wizard, instead of a well-trained gambling aficionado.

Land-based, here, means mostly the United Kingdom, Las Vegas and Atlantic City as the gaming and regulatory agencies don’t seem to be keeping us with those same Kardashians in that the online versions of the game are not yet available in many other locations on the world map. Casino licensing and regulatory agencies seem to be singing the same old tune: “hurry up and wait”!

Renoir Does Vegas

DaVinci Diamonds and Invaders from the Planet Moolah, both IGT family members, are undoubtedly much more famous, prestigious, and fun to play than Renoir Riches, even though all three are of the tumbling reels genre of slots machines. Just why this is, is difficult to quantify.  Why do some people swear by a Ford vs Chevy or BMW vs Mercedes Benz? Enquiring minds want to know! Despite the many questions it is very apparent when visiting Las Vegas that you will undoubtedly see many more DaVinci’s Diamonds and Planet Moolahs than Renoir Riches.

Appreciating Art

The required motif of Renoir Riches is the famed painter’s impeccable paintings coveted by the wealthiest art collectors and art thieves from around the world. You don’t need to have passed an art appreciation class in order to appreciate the winnings you can receive by succeeding at the Renoir Riches slots game. But to win, you will have to track down stolen or missing works of art. Finding a misplaced art treasure will multiply your stake or bid by as much as 100x, but only after you locate five art treasures.  So what are you waiting for? Get your houndstooth or herringbone deerstalker hat popularized by Sherlock Holmes and a magnifying glass (virtual is OK) and start searching and winning. The game will give you clues to trace. Careful or you might become a sleuth.

Be mindful that the way to get your Bonus Spins during base play is to get the Free Spins symbol on reels three, two and one. Achieving that will trigger up to four free games. Triggering multiple paylines simultaneously adds to the fun and prizes. Finding all the clues will give your stake or bid a 5000x multiplier.