Rooks Revenge Slot Review

Rooks Revenge is one of the 3D video slots game developed by Betsoft. The theme of this particular game is about the Aztec head of South America. It is structured with incredible designs and features of how to play the game. Rooks vengeance will lead you to the depths of the advancement of Aztec where you will experience the wealth of this antiquated culture designed on the reels all alone.

Rooks Revenge mode of design is based on the five reels in addition to the twenty-five pay lines. In this game, you will embark on the adventure to the rainforest of the South American with Chief Rook for treasure discovery. This one may remind you to the Exterminator Pokie. The theme of the Aztec is absolved wherever in the game even with the symbols, music, reels, and bonus and how to play the game.


Rooks Revenge Slots

The artworks of the game are completely astounding to the extent that you can follow Chief Rook as he moves in different ways anytime you make the combination of winnings. This current game’s liveliness is very silly and gives a sketchy feel to this slot.

The reels of the Rook Revenge are brimming with totems of Aztec while the sound effects are mostly matched to the visual theme of the game. Part of the symbols in this game includes Ancient carvings of Aztec, brilliant veils and a question mark, just to mention but few. With all taken into consideration, it is possible to win via thirty-one imaginable combination of winning in the game.

Step by Step Instructions to Play Rooks Revenge

The maximum payout in Rooks Revenge slot is 94.53%. In a preferable manner, it is lower than various slot games that are accessible to play. This game was launched in the ninth month of 2012 and shows five reels with 25 pay lines.

The total jackpot is 12,500 while the base coin stake is 25 but the maximum coin stake is 125 of coins. In this slot, it is possible for you to place anywhere in the range of one to five coins on every pay line. The categories of the coin are increased from 0.02 cent to one dollar for purchase. The game starts with just a non-remittal stake of 0.10 cent with a coin place on every line. There is a tendency to alter according to your inclinations.

Extraordinary Bonus Features

Rooks Revenge incorporates extraordinary classification in betting options and placing stakes on the pay lines. If you are authentic hot shot, you can easily bet for as high as 125 dollars on every spin. Special images in the game are that of the brilliant veil which is known as the scatter symbol for this game. This scatter symbol will enable you to make free spins meanwhile; it is a unique activity if played this game.

The wild is represented by the question mark symbol and can replace all other symbols even the scatter brilliant cover images. The symbol of wild appears on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels alone. The 3 scatter symbols enhance you to get ten free spins and this is followed by multiplier values. Be expecting three fold multiplier on your 1st win while your 4th combination winnings could fetch you 15 fold of your stake. The free spins could as well be re-enacted and an imaginable left you with a portion of fortune when heading to the end of the round. Scatter looks to be on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pay lines.

The major attractive thing in the midst of the unique features in this game is the win multipliers. If you spin the reels, each of the winning images explodes brings more symbols to drop from the top. All the fresh symbols will build up the combination of winnings, allowing you to win many prizes on every spin.  The jackpot combination of winnings after the major win is multiplied by 2 while the multiplier value increases on each combination.

The game is highly engaging as it keeps you stuck and watches Chief Rook toiling round the reels at any points a winning combination is encountered. The exploding pieces create another physical interest in the slot. Due to the motivating multipliers on every exploding win and wilds with free spins, without any doubt, the lack of elite additional bonus must not be missed out.


The stone mask symbol is the exploding image multiplier. With every detonation, the win multiplier on the lower right corner of the game screen boosts. At the course of the main game, the first, second, third and fifth detonation increases the multiplier of about one fold, two fold, three fold, five fold. As regards the free spins,  at the course of the round which the multiplier move up to threefold, 6 fold, nine fold, fifteen fold after the first, second, third and fifth detonation respectively.

Detonate three or more of a matching image combination so as to make the symbols form the top to drop, hence boosting the multiplier. If the fresh images end up in becoming winning combination, your payouts will be multiplied by the multiplier of win.

Three golden masks in the combination of winning on any dynamic pay line on the first, second and third reels activate the free spins game. The wild symbol features on the second, third and fourth reels substituting other symbols. Your range of stake varies from the fifty cents to 72.5 Euros so as to let the progressive jackpot of 2,330,000 credits occur.

Win More in a Spin

Rooks Revenge slot is just an exciting and free online game most especially if you are aiming at some true winnings. Put your stake in coins with the values ranges from 0.02cents to one dollar. Most Betsoft games provide convenient bets for the player that prefers to maintain their low stakes.

The highest amount of five coins which you place on each line will let you have higher staking values. The images that make the combination of winning explode and the fresh images occur. The multiplier boosts with any further combination of winnings because of images detonating and new ones featuring.

Therefore it is possible for you to win over and again at the course of just one spin. The free spins that can be reactivated can as well have multipliers. Therefore, this is the reason why Rook cannot be the judge cannot be judged by its outlook but by possibilities of winning more than it can give you.

The games with the themes and symbols associated with the older civilizations are very common among all the gamblers. That is the reason why you can assume form the strong varieties of those availabilities.

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