Sun And Moon Slot Review

The Sun and the Moon are the two natural entities that controlled much of the life, culture, and mores of Mayan Culture. Almost everybody is familiar with the famous and miraculous Mayan Calendar. At its essence, the calendar, any calendar, is primarily about the Sun and the Moon, and of course, the seasons, which control the crops, as well as the religious, superstitious, and social rituals.

The incredibly rich culture of the Mayans was/is steeped in their rituals, culture, and their famous Mayan Calendar, which was one of the most detailed and accurate of any civilization during its time. We owe the Mayans a lot. So when playing this slots game some people get the feeling that they are playing on the shoulders of heroes of the past that helped to make our civilization what it is today.



Without the Mayans – who lived in a broad stretch of Central America covering what is now Guatemala, southern Mexico and the Yucatán Peninsula, Belize, El Salvador, and western Honduras – we probably would not have cacao (cocoa), maize (corn), beans, tomato, avocado, vanilla, squash and chili. Ahh, the wonderful chili pepper.

They were the first to domesticate these crops, as well as domesticate the turkey. And what would we do without Tabasco Sauce (from the Free and Sovereign State of Tabasco, Mexico)?

So, although the Sun and the Moon slots game are highly unusual as slots games go, it is not surprising that its creators had a lot of culture and heritage to draw upon. The name of the game is very fitting and pays due homage to the Great Mayan Civilization.

The motif of Sun and the Moon includes a rich heritage that certainly has as a main feature the Mayan-style pyramid, Mayan ceremonial mask, ornately carved totems, gold, Mayan gods of the sun, moon, and titular orbs. For some reason, Kukulcán, the famed feathered serpent, is not featured among the theme’s symbols but should be.

Game Strategy

The Pyramid symbol is quite unusual in Sun and Moon game. The Sun and Moon symbols act as Scatter Symbols. The Pyramid Symbol acts as the Wild Symbol. Most games have Scatter symbols and Wild symbols that are represented by two distinct icons and behave differently. But here the Pyramid Symbol can act as either a Wild or Scatter Symbol or both!

The Pyramid symbol will appear only in the second reel. It is capable of awarding wins randomly. Occasionally, the Sun and Moon Gods behave as an awesome Combined Wild and Scatter symbol. This is unique, indeed. For example, if a Sun God, a Moon God or a Pyramid appears on in-play paylines, both or all will transform into Wild symbols resulting in multiplied wins. Additionally, if either of the three appears as a pair on an active payline, they can trigger Bonus Spins from ten to fifty Bonus Rounds.

Nothing Beats the Word Free

Sun and Moon are absolutely free to play online like other slots such as Pompeii. Just select the game’s icon, click, and join the fun. There is no need to register or to download any software or other lines of code to your computer, game console, or mobile device.

The Verdict

The Sun and Moon casino slots game come highly recommended from me and many others. You can’t beat learning about a strange though nearby culture and be surrounded by the time-honored emblems such as the Mayan pyramids, the concept of the Moon God and Sun and Moon the Moon temple, and the Sun God and its monumental temple.

The awesome and mysterious soundtrack is pervasive but ever present and the ambiance of the game envelopes you. All these factors make you want to play to win, score points and learn about an exotic culture and noteworthy history. It’s a total win-win combination of fun, excitement, and knowledge.

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