U Spin To Win Slots Review

Everybody knows and remembers the smash hit TV game show created by Merv Griffin that began airing on American TV in 1975 and has continued in some iteration ever since. It made Merv Griffin and many “junior” Merv Griffins millions of dollars.

The theme of the game was to award points, prizes, and cash to contestants who could successfully solve word problems. Each round began with the spinning of an enormous colorful carnival-like wheel. Thus, a gigantic industry watched by millions was born.U-Spin to Win slots game attempts to follow in that ilk.

It is not the first casino game to use a giant spinning wheel to initiate rounds of play, but it is one of the very few that allows you actually activate the giant wheel by physically “spinning” it by hand as opposed to pushing an electronic button to do the work for you.

If nothing else, you can get a good surreptitious physical workout while playing this game, sort of like walking 5 miles inside the mall while pretending to shop so your friends don’t suspect that you are on a diet and working out on the sly. I see what you’re doing. If you like over-sized fun and conspicuous game play, then you are sure to be attracted to the U-Spin to Win slots game.


The Design

Bally Technologies designed and built U-Spin to Win along with several similar spinning wheel slots, most notably Cash Spin. Both games have 243 winning combinations and five distinctive and colorful reels.

Game Strategy

The game is started by physically spinning the giant circus-like wheel. Being an electronic game, of course, the wheel is not really spun by you, but the advanced design features are made to give the appearance that you are actually spinning an independent 3-D physical wheel, sort of like virtual reality.

There’s a similar effect on online and mobile devices because you can’t just reach into the screen and physically spin the wheel, can you? The solution is to flick the 3-D wheel with your finger to get the game started.

Whether online or on-site, after the big spin the players have to wait for the spinning to stop to find their fate, which is determined by where the pointer lands.  The graphics, though colorful and “circus-sy”, are nevertheless basic as far as modern slots games go. Theme icons include standard poker card items like the Ace to 9 series, plus an array of ruby-red rubies, sparkling diamonds, moss-green emeralds, and the ever-coveted cash, made famous by, what else, cash.

The special money-making symbols are represented by the mascot of the game, the U-Spin Symbol serving as the Scatter symbol; the Money Bag Bonus Symbol acts as the Bonus Round symbol, and the Dollar Diamond acting as the Wild symbol.

The Money Bag icon gives contestants casino credits valued at 50x down to 3x a player’s investment. You can get up to 50 free Bonus Rounds matched against a 2x multiplier.

The game is rated at a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 94.1, which is on the medium-to-high range and a regular jackpot of fifty times your stake during the Money Bag round of play.

The Verdict

The system is a very basic three reel set up that contains a few unique inventions that go to make the standard genre slots game attractive to most beginner slots players, such as the ability to play this slots version with a competitor or partner, similar to digital chess games that allow single player (human against the CPU or the machine) and dual play (human against human).

The console comes equipped with a love seat that allows couples (or frenemies) to occupy each other’s time and space. The Japanese have favored such combo seating for decades. It has begun to catch on in China and Southeast Asia, where it initially started in karaoke bars and restaurants.

Grab your sweat suits and exercise partner and let’s go play the popular and fun U-Spin to Win slots game. We don’t have to tell anyone that we are secretly exercising while we are having fun earning coins or making money.

This could be one of the best held undercover stories known to private detectives. Just think, a diet and exercise regime that’s actually fun. Shhhh . . . Someone might hear.

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