Viking Age Slot Review

Are you one of the Scandinavians? In case you are not one of them, then you have no problem due to the fact that it is possible for you to encounter what it is to be a Vikings in this game titled Vikings Age. Only a few among the online games are designed in the theme of Northman countries where the Vikings will need to sail for long and side for a little benignant or plundering entertainment.

If you truly want to add to your slot list, it is very important to add Vikings Age slot. This is the type of game that exposes you to the folktale of Amma who is the female leader of a group of piranhas. This leader takes a legion of devilish jeopardy in their pace.



If you want to know how popular the Vikings Age slot is, you will discover that after the Buccaneers and superheroic, Vikings captivate many people all over the world. If you are one of the people that are too captivating due to the manners and folktales of the heroes in Vikings, then you need to gamble on this game firstly.

Vikings Age slot is designed in form of 3D whereby it makes use of the theme about the life of Vikings. Beginning with the soldiers to the chicks, you will observe that the developers have done a great job in terms of the quality. The Vikings Age slot is enriched with all kinds of Vikings such as the red-haired, the brunette and the blonde.

Also in this slot, you will discover that the themes include action, courage, and confidence. So also, one can obviously find out how heroic the Vikings could be when they come across their enemies; surely, they must attack them. Definitely, the theme is full of actions which make it more unique because it is not all games that have this characteristic. When it comes to mechanisms of the game, sincerely it is right to play hence you can feel good at home with this Vikings Age slot.


You can play Vikings for free and for true cash. It is powered by the Betsoft which has been proving that Vikings is one of the hottest 3D slots ever developed by them.  As regards those mythologies of Old Norse, Vikings Age is the type of slot everyone who is a gambler or intending to become one should not miss. Just like every other slot game developed by Betsoft, Vikings Age is known to be of five reels designed with 30 pay lines.

The artworks are very placid and the images are clear from crystal unless some people who are in the green shaggy boundary line with are a bit extremely much on the screen page. Aside from the hero of Viking, there is a Viking girl with red hair in addition to the other icons found in the game which include a flag, ship, a rune stone a wheel, a Viking helmet, an axe, the old captain of Viking and treasure. The bonus icon is represented by the arm wrestling and this icon is able to activate an amazing slot you can gamble on.

How-to of Vikings Age for True Cash

The gamblers can gamble Vikings Age for free and true cash in all the online casinos developed by Betsoft. This kind of game is made up of a coin stake that ranges from 0.02 to 0.50 New Zealand dollars. The highest stake range is about 75 or 150 New Zealand dollars with at most five coins on each line. The highest payout in the Vikings Age slot is about 7500 credits which are equivalent to 3750 New Zealand dollars.

What a good game with good numbers of features! This is one of the great expectations from Betsoft with the high-quality standard. So also, there is an incentive game in this slot but it lacks symbol of multiplier and wild. It as well lacks an automatic play button. However, the interface is designed with the Max Bet button which makes it much easier for the high roller gamblers.

Bonus Rounds

There are 3 unusual features of bonus in the Vikings Age slot and this includes both a bonus game round and that of a free spin round.

Free Spins Round

This round is enacted when you have minimum symbols of 3 Amma and Viking girl with red hair. These two symbols are multipliers of free spins in which you win on the pay line in addition to a matching multiplier of the beginning and the end. This then will give you two-fold as a result of the multiplier. However, the maximum multiplier is about fivefold of the stake on the winning pay line.

Click Me Bonus Round

When you have at least 3 of the symbols of Viking helmet, you will be able to get one bonus type of “Click Me”. With this, Amma will usher your steps to 3 runestone doors where you will be able to choose 1 so as to discover your prize.

Arm Wrestling Game Round

This is another incentive in the Vikings Age slot. It is enacted if you are able to get 3 symbols of arm wrestling. This will help you select a gambler to support you and help the gambler, in turn, to win the game as you select a side of a coin which could either be the head or the tail. In case you are able to guess the outcome of the coin flip rightly, then you can build your strength of the gambler of your choice and at the same time boost the opportunities of winning. But if not, the player who is your opponent will have the strength thereby restricting you to earn as much as you want in the game. As the incentives help to boost your possibilities of winning, enacting them is not as easy as you think.

Compatibility with Mobile Gadgets

The 3D video slot designed by the Betsoft can be found in the free version and money version. It is not all casino websites that have this slot but only the chosen casino websites that are having Betsfot slots. Therefore, the Vikings Age slot is yet to be found in the mobile version.

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