Wheel Of Fortune Slot Review

IGT is the largest developer of all the major electronic games that have attracted a wide variety of players who prefer these games. The Wheel of the Fortune is a game which is designed in the largest IGT labs.They created a wheel for all great gaming fans.

This slot has a very beautiful design on the graphical and visual side is a slot that has enjoyed many players with the teasing prices they win. This electronic game has been very widespread and very popular with people all over the world and has given them a very good taste of all those who prefer


Game Strategy

This slot is similar to the other slots we’ve mentioned before. As we said above, the designers have created this very attractive and very lucrative game. There is also this distribution symbol as in any other game and if they more than 3 symbols per line are distributed by combining them with other symbols.

More symbols to be found in available lines the more the distribution symbol can create multiple combinations in order to earn money. The game is built in a very nice and interesting way. The wheel of fortune is a game that has a great usability all over the world.

The design of the game is very interesting because as we said the most important part of those games is the wheels. There are some wheels that are most important in the game and they are with some relevant and identifying colors.

The most important ones are red, blue and yellow. The colors determine each of a function on the wheels. The red and blue color wheel is to reward the player based on the combinations and the yellow-colored wheel serves as a multiplier, which multiplies all the basic benefits of the possible combinations. The wheels are a key element of the game, as is the case with Golden Jaguar Pokie, because based on them the player wins the bonus.

This slot is very interesting and rewards players with very high prices and very high monetary value. The Wheel of the Fortune game consists of 5 lines and 5 rolls that are very important as they observe the many combinations that will make a player in order to win as much as possible.

A player may start to play with a little money then if he wants to win more he can play and more. The player can start playing at 0.01-5 NZD and the highest value he can get is 50,000 coins. The player with his own combination can win large sums of money that will add to his desire to play more. The player has about 700 combinations in each round.


The slot is very emotional and enigmatic for all the players who try to play and win with it. There are some important symbols used in this slot that can be cars, fruit or other objects. The ball also contains a wheel which by means of the distribution symbol multiplies all the symbols and allows the players to make more combinations and double the previous prize.

The player can take the rewards by getting bonus rounds so that they continue to play and win just like when playing Mamma Mia Slots. The player can start collecting all of his winnings and feeling happy with the game he has made and what he has achieved.

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