Wild Panda Slots Review

A single bamboo shoot is tall, strong, and almost unbreakable is yet forgiving, bendable, and even malleable in the hands of a skilled crafts person. Funny, individually they represent a formidable foe, a worthy competitor, but if you grow a few hundred of these slender giants together in close proximity to each other in a forest, they represent peace and serenity.

I love the serenity and quietude of a bamboo forest. So do the gentle giants of the bamboo forests, the beautiful, mild-mannered, cuddly giant panda bears of China. They also feel safe and protected there, and they love to play there among the strong shoots and tender leaves.



You, likewise, will feel safe and snug when you play the Wild Panda Jackpot slots game. As usual, Aristocrat Technology fashioned the game to make it play and feel like the ones in the brick-and-mortar salons of Las Vegas. And since the motif of the game is the famous China Wild Panda you can expect to find many other icons that complete that theme.

You’ll find Chinese pagodas, Chinese musical instruments, such as the mandolin, hugegoldfish, lotus flowers, hand painted parasols, and the poker game playing cardsin standard denominations from 9 to Ace, albeit in Chinese-style fonts. Some of the playing cards have letters on them. If you happen to line up playing cards that spell the word “Panda”, you will receive three free Bonus Rounds which will increase your chances of winnings more coins.

Game Strategy

This game features one hundred paylines across five reels. Aristocrat designed this game with a wide budget range in that you can bet as little as one cent or as much as NZD50 on one or all fifty paylines.

The game also comes equipped with an Auto Spin function that allows you up to fifty spins without human intervention. It’s a good idea to set your bet values for each payline before you activate the Auto Spin function. Naturally, the game’s mascot, the Panda, is the Wild Symbol, which is activated during Bonus Spins only.

The Chinese beloved Gold Coin symbols serve as the all-important Scatter Symbol. It is possible to obtain as many as five Pandas during the Bonus Spins. That many Pandas will net you two thousand coins, whereas three Pandas equal 500 coins and four Pandas will make you one thousand coins richer. An unusual aspect of this game is that many of the games icons can mutate into Wild Symbols if triggered properly, which could turn into a lucrative hand of play.

One limitation on normal slots game strategy is that additional Bonus Spins cannot be triggered during Bonus Spins. So you can’t “compound” your luck, so to speak. You will have to wait until the present free spins conclude before you can trigger the next ones.

Likewise, you will not be allowed to alter the amount you bet on the paylines until after the Bonus Spins stop. The Pagoda outranks all other icons and five of these on a single payline will guarantee you one thousand coins in denominations ranging from one dollar to one cent.

This game is also configured to satisfy the high rollers as well because it has a Jackpot feature. There are two routes to achieving a Jackpot in Wild Panda Jackpot Slots. The first way is simply to be very lucky and max out your bets for all 50 paylines with 50 coins each and manage to get five Scatter icons, which are the Gold Coins, on a payline across all five reels.

That will net you a whopping 10,000 coins, after the 200x multiplier kicks in. That’s tough to do. It is almost as tough to hit the Jackpot the second way as well.  The second way is not quite as difficult but then it pays less money if you manage to get three or four Scatter icons on any of the paylines.The good thing is that the online and standalone versions of Wild Panda Jackpot slots are compatible with Mac and Windows OS packages.


While there is nothing that is truly out of this world about Wild Panda Jackpot slots, it is a stable, friendly-theme game with 5-reels of fun with very familiar symbols. Everybody loves a playful, cuddly-looking Panda Bear, and I, for one, can’t stop staring at the cute black patches around their eyes. I just love them, as I’m sure you do too.

This is billed as a normal, middle of the road fun game that fits most people’s wallet when playing for real money version of the game; and most people’s dreams when playing just for the symbolic coins. It has everything that one expects to be included in a slots game. Fun, atmosphere, culture, Bonus Spins, Scatters and Wild symbols, and it even has a Jackpot worth 10,000 coins!

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