Wild Wolf Pokie Review

Wild Wolf slots is another prodigy of the renowned IGT slots manufacturer. It makes a pack of Wolf-themed slot games that have been popular in Vegas for decades. These games are of the older generation and don’t have a lot of money invested in their design. As such, the Wolfpackline is all very similar with few variations among Game Play or theme symbols.



People who play slots games with a well-developed and pleasant theme seem to enjoy the game more, even if they don’t win as much money compared to slots with themes not well conceived.Since the American wolf is synonymous with the Western Plains Indians, it is befitting that their theme contains artifacts of the Great American Plains Indians.

The artifacts include the circular Navajo Medicine shield, the black and brown wolves, and wolves howling at the moon; teepees, totems,as well as the standard poker cards in denominations from 9 to Ace.

There is also the iconic painted wolf’s paw print, symbolizing the roaming wolf and the nomadic Great Plains Indians.Noticeably absent from the motif are: the papoose, moccasins, peacepipe,ornate headdresses and war beads, and “painted horses” in the form of the rugged palomino stallion.

Game Strategy

This slots game features a playtable comprising 50 paylines laid over four rows and a five-reel setup. The game’s mascot, the howling wolf, serves as the Wild Symbol. It often appears in a vertically stacked formation on a single reel. The stacked formation acts as a multiplier to increase your winnings. If more than one reel displays stacked Wilds, your stake is further multiplied.

The Bonus Rounds numbering from 50 down to 5 can be triggered whenever three or more Bonus Symbols align themselves on reels four, three and two. You also can trigger additional Bonus Rounds during the free spins, which can go as high as 255 additional Bonus Rounds. That’s a lot of free rounds. Wilds seem happy to occupy the paylines during Bonus Rounds, so keep a sharp eye open for them.

Scoring one thousand coins is possible. Just get five Wolf symbols on a single active payline. Similarly, packing five black wolves on a payline will win you five hundred coins. Wild Wolf is conducive to playing for hours because the game gives you reasonable winnings frequently, thereby banishing fatigue to the Sierras. High rollers will be attracted to this game along with the budget bettors for the reason that the 50 reels will even the odds of getting Bonus Rounds.

More Bonus Rounds

There are lots to know and remember about the Bonus Rounds in Wild Wolf slots, so put your thinking cap on and take notes. First, you can earn a place in the Bonus Rounds by getting a minimum of three Bonus symbols on the fourth, third or second play reels. This immediately places you in a Bonus Round, where the big money potentially resides.

Once in the Bonus Round, you are awarded five bonus spins. It is possible to trigger and re-trigger an additional three Bonus Rounds by being lucky enough to line up three Bonus symbols on the middle/central reel. Bonus Reels are automatically multiplied x2 of your total stake.

Each new Bonus Round is added to any existing Bonus Rounds you have earned and will continue to spin for free until all Bonus Rounds have been used or when you have reached the maximum number of Bonus Rounds allowed, whichever comes first.

Don’t put down your notepad yet. There’s more to remember.The following winnings are small but they can add up during a long play session.  For example, you can earn up to five coins if you match three of a kind on the Q, J, T, or 9 poker card icons, while four of a kind will get you 25 coins, and five of a kind allows you to collect one hundred coins or credits.

If you get five Kings or Aces on a payline, you’ll get 150 coins. Finally, there is something for the totems to do, remember them? Two totems earn you from 25 up to 250 coins each. The black and brown Wolves pay the most at 500 coins. The Wolf pictured howling at the moon gains you 1,000 coins if you manage to get five howling wolves on a single payline. You see, they do add up.

Off the Beaten Strip

Because Wild Wolf falls into the older genre of slots games lovingly referred to as “classics” it is understandable that to find the game in Vegas you will have to visit the off-Strip gambling salons. That’s if you are looking for real cash, land-based units. The online versions are a bit more restricted because of online regulations by the gaming commissions. Your best bet for online fun would be in the US state of New Jersey, where the gaming authorities seem to be a step ahead of most other regulators.


Wild Wolf slot game is fun to play, but it won’t make you a millionaire overnight. The payouts are both small and infrequent. But if you are in for a little casual stay at the playtable for a while, then this one is for you as you rain dance around the campfire to the sound of a wolf howling in the Valley of the Spirits.

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