The Wizard Of Oz Online Slot Review

The Wizard of Oz movie is a classic that keeps on giving to generation after generations of fans. The Wizard of Oz slot game has done the same for casino aficionados. WMS designed the game to include 30 paylines and 5 reels, capable of an NZD50,000 payout.


Game Theme

The title of this slots game sets its own theme. Everybody knows it and what to expect. We know we will have to see Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Toto, the Tin Man, at least one Wicked Witch and One Good Witch, Emerald City, slippers of the color ruby, a tornado, a Brick Road called Yellow, and, of course, the Lion, etc. The game doesn’t disappoint, and it even adds color to the characters and symbols.

The game’s mascot is Emerald City, which serves as the main symbol and Wild symbol. The Good Witch appears occasionally and offers the gamer 5 Wild Reels. It is now a classic but because it was well built from the beginning, it still has many fun features packed inside, such as Scatters, Bonus Spins, and a Jackpot feature.

Game Strategies

With features like Bonus Spins, a Pick feature; Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols and the Jackpot Feature as well as Glenda the Good Witch who can show up on any live reel to expand reels five through one while replacing any icon symbol except for the jackpot and feature symbols. She is frequently seen triggering wilds which also enhance your payout but not by much more than if it was just an ordinary spin with no luck of activating her or getting three scatter stars at once.

An exciting twist to the Wizard of Oz slots is the ability of the player to be offered a “Pick” from among these opportunities: (1) The Road to the famed Emerald City; (2) the cantankerous Winged Monkey; or (3) a choice of cash. If the player opts for the Winged Monkey, for example, he or she gains access to Bonus Spins. The Jackpot symbol is a high payer. To geta Jackpot the player must manage to get five of such symbols on paylines that are in active play.

To arrive at the Bonus Rounds, the player must first access the Oz Pick option after they select the Road to Emerald City Pick Feature, where you get to increase your stake.

The gamer is prompted to select only one of an assortment of emeralds which represent land, cash, or Emerald City, whereupon the player eventually get to meet the Tin Man in his Apple Orchard, the frightened Scarecrow in the Corn Field, the Wicked Witch in her Castle or the fearful Lion in the Dark Forest. In whatever venue the gamer selects he or she will be encouraged to gather Gold Charms which foretell the next challenge.

Financial Flexibility

To start the game, the player must decide how many paylines he wants to activate and how much he wants to bet on each payline, ranging from one cent to NZD5, with a maximum of 150 coins if the player activates all 30 playlines at once. That leads to a maxim payout of 10,000 credits. Earnings are further bolstered by the availability of a Quick Bet option for those feeling exceptionally lucky.


The Wizard of Oz slots game is another “classic” that has outlived its usefulness and its ability to excite. The graphics, soundtrack quality and lack of true gaming challenges relegate this on to the nostalgia heap for either old-timer who want to retrace Memory Lane or the very young who want to relive the experience of grandpa reading them the Oz as a bedtime story.

If you enjoy the likes of Jade Tiger or you are feeling like a cozy bedtime story, or just mostly relaxing while playing the slots, this could be right up your alley. You may tear up a little on the way to the Jackpot, but you won’t be jumping for joy or getting rich. Play at your own pace.

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