How To Play Zeus Slot Online – The Review

In classical Greek religion, Zeus is the thunder and sky god, and king and ruler of the gods of Mount Olympus. Many people would know that but he was so much more. He was the god of law, order, justice, and lightning. That’s an amazing portfolio. It is fitting then that a slot machine should be designed to give this super-god his due.

Zeus slots machine does precisely that. It was designed by WMS Gaming and is part of its now famous G+ series of machines that elevated the lowly fruit slots to something exciting and challenging. The G+ range of machines enabled Bonus Spins and other captivating features many of which are standard fare among most game designers.Thank your gods because due to Zeus’ popularity over the years there is now a Zeus 2 and a Zeus 3 to take your money and to make you money.



As one would expect the motif of the Zeus slot game contains icons and references to Greek Mythology, including Pegasus, Greek warships, the famous Greek helmet, wreaths, vases, gold and silver coins, various minor goddesses and gods and, of course, the King of Gods, Zeus himself. With so much to choose from, Zeus slots do not include the standard array of poker cards among its symbols, and you won’t miss them.

Game Strategy

The customary Wild and Scatter symbols are among your betting tools. They play alongside the Lightning Symbol and Zeus as the game’s main mascot. Zeus occupies groups of other symbols when Bonus Rounds are active. Bonus Rounds are mainly triggered by the Lightning symbol. It offers the highest payout of any symbol.The Scatter symbol is represented by the Lightning icon, but it cannot combine with Wild symbols to increase payouts. That is a bit unusual among slots games. To make up for this, Zeus combines well and frequently with other symbols to create winning combinations.

Coins range in value from $5 to one cent. Only one coin per payline is allowed, with the maximum play value of $5 and a minimum of $0.30. The top bet is $150 which can result in $2,500 as the highest possible win amount. The symbols are stackable on reels. This allows for stacked Wilds during free spin rounds. Thirty paylines afford the player ample opportunity for cashout success. During Bonus Round play the Wild and Zeus symbols appear more often and increase the number of possible multiple combinations that result in your stake being multiplied. Zeus is available in our best rated online casinos such as Mobile Jackpot City, as you will know when you read this page.

Standard on all G+ iterations of slots machines is the Autonomous Play feature. But Zeus’ Auto play is much more than standard Autoplay options. With Zeus, the Auto Play is tantamount to a car’s autopilot. Just set the amount you want to bet on selected paylines, the number of spins you want, and the frequency of the spins. Then press Go. The machine does all the work for you, including keeping track of Bonus Spins, winning combinations, multipliers, everything. Truly a game for the gods!


Although Zeus slots have been around for a while, it’s like an exotic car, you never get tired of taking her out for a spin. Play Zeus. You will not regret it if you’ve never played the game before and you will feel right at home with the unending excitement and intrigue it offers. Just imagine. You’ll be playing among the gods!

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