There are only 45 days until Senet’s Regulating the Game AU gambling regulatory education programme begins

Just 45 days until start of Senet’s Regulating the Game” gambling regulatory education program The countdown is now well and truly on to the start of “Regulating the Game 2021” – a 5-day gambling regulatory education program co-developed by Senet, an international law firm specializing in gaming regulation and compliance advisory. The event will be … Read more

The Star Sydney has suspended operations in response to the growing Sydney COVID-19 outbreak

The Star Sydney suspends operations on growing Sydney COVID-19 outbreak The Star Sydney is suspending almost all operations for at least the next two weeks to try and calm a growing outbreak of COVID-19. The latest cluster, which originated from a limousine driver transporting an international flight crew to their hotel, had climbed up 65 … Read more

Fitch Ratings predicts that Australian casino operators will face increased regulatory scrutiny in the coming years

Australian casino operators to face increased regulatory oversight in coming years: Fitch Australia’s government is making moves to shore up its gaming industry after a series of scandals and an economic downturn. According to the leading credit ratings agency, Fitch Ratings, Australian casino operators are facing greater regulatory oversight as well as increased costs in … Read more

Australia is moving forwards with a national self-exclusion registration for online and telephone gambling

The Australian Communications and Media Authority will use Engine Australia’s expertise to create a national self-exclusion register for online gaming. People who believe they are losing too much money gambling on pokies and Aussie online casinos can ban themselves from all regulated interactive wagering companies through this one uniform approach, which aims to create a … Read more

Worse than Las Vegas: Australia’s $24 billion gambling problem

Australia's 24 billion gambling problem

The obvious problem with gambling is that it is addictive, and Australia appears to be more addicted than the United States. From 2016 to 2019, the Star Casino in Melbourne had 64,000 visitors per day, with only 12 employees monitoring problem gamblers, leaving many people unchecked for addiction. The situation has prompted Crown Casino to … Read more

Austrac is investigating the SkyCity Adelaide casino

SkyCity is being investigated by Australia’s financial crimes agency because it is suspected of violating money laundering laws. Australia’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Authority (Austrac) notified the company that there were a number of concerns, so Austrac launched an investigation into the casino’s compliance with Australian law. SkyCity has always taken its anti-money laundering … Read more

Macarthur FC and the Sydney Swans have declined gambling sponsorships

As they decline sports betting sponsorships, A-League clubs Macarthur FC and Sydney Swans have pledged to raise awareness of gambling issues. This means that fans, staff, and players are all educated on the risks of gambling so that they can enjoy games free of advertisements for the industry. Natalie Wright, Director of Australia’s Office for … Read more

How policy changes can help Australia’s gambling problem

In Australia, gambling has become a major addiction. Australians are among the world’s heaviest gamblers and the biggest losers, with an average gambling loss of A$1292 per person in 2017-2018. Policy reform is ineffective in addressing this issue because people like Carolyn Crawford frequently believe they are just playing for fun—even when it costs them … Read more