Bier Haus Oktoberfest Slots Review

Bier Haus Oktoberfest Slots

Join the party at Bier Haus Oktoberfest slots, where you can play for free or real money. You’ll love this slot game with symbols like beer steins and lederhosen!

Bier Haus Oktoberfest Slot Machine

Bier Haus Oktoberfest is a six-reel, six-row slot machine designed by WMS. It has three progressive jackpots and is played with fifty paylines that cannot be turned on or off. Available special features include free spins, Heidi’s Wheel and several other prizes which are all available during gameplay in the beer house setting of this game. The background looks very nice as large barrels line up behind blue ribbons around the ceiling near an attractive young woman dressed for Oktoberfest festivities who serves as one of our symbols to look out for (Heidi).

The Tap Beer Heidi slot game features the adorable main character, and clicking or tapping her will cause a variety of reactions. The symbols are varied with playing card suits, pretzels, green hats, tubas, accordions and beer mugs just to name a few! One particularly interesting symbol is that of an overflowing glass which can serve as any icon on the board. This Scatter-type design comes in three different variations: Green (wild), Purple (scatters)

and Red Heidi scatters). WMS color codes them for easy identification; use this knowledge wisely when you play your next round of Tap Beer Hidi Slot Game slots

Real Money Bier Haus Oktoberfest

The developers at Bier Haus Oktoberfest are committed to creating an authentic German experience for their players. Not only does the game offer a rich variety of themed symbols, it also has one of the lowest minimum bets in any slot machine currently on the market! You can play as little as EUR0.18 per spin and there is absolutely no limit to how much you want to bet (upwards of EUR180). The RTP rate sits around 96% with 50 active paylines which means that even if this wasn’t your ideal type o fgame, you’d be making back more than what’s going into them when spinning away those coins because they’re quite generous about giving out prizes!

If you’re looking for a game that will keep your heart racing, then it’s time to find out what all the excitement is about. With Heidi Scatters and Wilds on every spin of this massively popular slot machine, there are plenty of ways to win big! Boosting your chances even more with free spins triggered by purple cat scatter symbols – which also turn into persistent wilds during those rounds – plus multipliers ranging from 2x-5X after each successful bet; who could say no?

To activate free spins, players need to find at least five Heidi Scatters in adjacent reels. The game does not care which of the three Heidis are included for a chance at extra bonuses; it just needs one and any additional ones will be granted later on. Landing twenty-five or more provides an opportunity to win up 100 turns with bonus rounds! Players can also retrigger these by drawing 5 or more scatters from other areas again too!

The Wheel of Winnings can reward you with money prizes, Hans spins and Bigger Mugs spins. Winning a cash prize also awards an extra spin on the wheel! It is possible to unlock both Hans Spins and Bigger Mug’s at the same time too! The Wheel has up to ten free bonus rounds where it could award anything from one or two more Wilds during game play for an additional chance of big wins – all while giving players incredible odds that are usually unheard-of in other types of slot games.

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Players can effectively unlock all bonuses without Heidi’s Wheel. The jackpot amount is reset to a reseed value valued at 25% of the won amount, meaning if the progressive was won for EUR100, it would start back out again as EUR25 and not take into account any other possible wins through this game mode or progressions on your stake.

It allows players an option that guarantees victory in free spins while also having their activation guaranteed throughout those rounds. However, there are limits with how much you could potentially win from using this feature: You cannot go over what has been set up previously by choosing how many coins you hope to play per spin (between 1-5).

Persisting wilds are a risky, but potentially lucrative gamble.

When the Persistent Wild Symbol lands on your game board during free spins it is in one place and stays there until all of its potential payouts have been used up or you choose to hit another spin button before then taking away any remaining symbols that were left over from previous rounds.

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