Crime Pays Slot Machine

Crime Pays Slots

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Slot Machine Game: Free Crime Pays

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Crime Pays Slot Machine

Imagine this: You are a private investigator and have just captured the criminal mastermind. Now it’s up to you – will justice be done? Play Crime Pays slot from WMS Studios(tm) and go head-to-head against your opponent. You can play for PS50,000 and get 50 paylines without the risk of prison. This game is ideal for fans of crime mysteries and those who enjoy thrilling online slots.

This game features free games, wilds, and exciting bonus rounds. Retired police officer, the main character, is now on the hunt for his brother’s killer, the Mastermind. You’ll also find other shady characters, including handcuffs and guns, as well as golden bars and theme-related items like guns, guns, and handcuffs.

This game will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a crime story.

Play Real Money Slots

The minimum stake per line for spinning reels is EUR0.25, and the maximum is EUR100. However, it’s possible to spin them for as little as EUR0.25 or as much at EUR100. This allows players to concentrate on other tasks while playing Crime Pays slot machine. The Autoplay function in Crime Pays slot machines will automatically spin each set of reels after one minute. It’s possible to not only have huge balance boosts during dry spells, but also get into those times when there are no wins. The RTP of 97% is a result.

All Scatters appear exclusively on reel 5, and include everything from a police siren to a Mastermind or Free Spin icon. Pays are located in the middle of each reel, while the Crime symbol is only found on reel 1. Combining with other symbols they can trigger bonus rounds like free spins. To activate these, either the crime or pays icons must appear simultaneously with your bet amount (ranging from $0.25 to $11). Depending on how much you bet per game, you will receive 5-20 games. All prizes will be doubled.

The Crime Spree bonus is represented by sirens. When they activate, you’ll get a searchlight that randomly lights cash rewards at different locations. Your reward will be even greater if you can land all these symbols at once. To start this feature, you must land one or more of the Crime Pays (of any value) with Masterminds. It will ask which continent is best to claim multipliers across different regions and award prizes based on your tactics.

As you hunt down criminals, this game is filled with suspenseful animations and graphics that will make you feel like you’re part of the crime-fighting squad. It’s possible to win big when they are found, but you must be careful not pick one that leads them off your path.

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