Desert Cats Slots Review

Desert Cats Slots

Desert Cats slots are a great way to spend some time and enjoy the thrill of gambling without spending any money. You can play for free or even with real cash, which is perfect if you’re looking to try out a casino before risking your hard-earned income in an online game.

Play Desert Cats Slots! The best thing about them? They come with no pop ups that will get on your nerves as well as spammy ads – they offer instant gameplay so there’s nothing holding up the fun!

Desert Cats Slot Machine

Desert Cats is a seven-reel, four-row slot machine created by WMS. It’s played on 50 fixed paylines and offers several special features like free spins rounds and multiples jackpots that are worth looking into if you’re interested in playing the game for money or just want to have fun with it while waiting at your local fast food chain of choice. One thing I love about this studio is their attention to detail when designing games–something which Desert Cat benefits from greatly thanks largely due to its background image depicting sprawling sand dunes beneath an immense moon sitting high within the sky accompanied by what appears to be some sort of ancient pyramid structure jutting out against a backdrop richly saturated with colors both bright during daytime scenes, but

A beam of light is shooting from the top of a pyramid, sending Pharaoh’s soul to join with stars. Available symbol designs are an assortment of playing card royals and various Egypt-themed icons. We would have liked to see more effort go into stylizing letters and numbers; they appear out place next to other symbols like the golden cat or queen icon in this deck. Unique symbols include ankh, stone tablet sarcophagus head, cats statues…

Real Money Desert Cats Slots

To win the top prize in Desert Cats, players must trigger a Mega Jackpot using its special features. The RTP for this title is 95.79%. Players can bet between EUR0.50 and EUR100 on each spin provided their budget allows it–use plus/minus keys to adjust your wager until you find an ideal amount then either put them manually or use Auto Play if desired!

In this game, you can play one of the grand prizes through accumulating a specific number of gems. The more red diamonds that accumulate in your slot machine field, the higher chance there is for winning something. There are also two golden cat Wilds to be found on reel WMS guarantees will cover over two reels and occasionally show up with blue crystals instead of just red ones which means they may appear at either end or anywhere between those positions!

Six red gems award the minor jackpot, worth 10x. Seven red gems award the medium jackpot, worth 40x. Eight red gems award the major jackpot, worth 80x. Nine or ten (depending on how high your bet is) will reward you with a mega jackpot of 2000X!

Punters can earn up to five free spins with each Scatter they find.

Punters will receive an additional 5 free spins for finding three more scatters during this bonus round.


The Wild symbols change positions, making it difficult to set the number of auto spins. There is also a limit on how much players can win in one turn and still play more rounds after that–they have to choose between winning time or money! Standard gameplay has fixed jackpots while free spins only offer variety.

Autoplay is a game function that will automatically play through your current wager. It’s important to set the desired RTP before activating this feature, as it can be difficult to manually change once you’ve started playing! Desert Cats has an average return-to-player rate of 98%. Despite being slightly below average in terms of returns for players’ money spent on bets and payouts when winning, there are many rewarding prizes available at higher levels with substantial jackpots worth chasing after.

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