Elvis Lives Slots Review

Elvis Lives Slots

Much as we love Elvis, he’s been dead for a while now. But in between that time and eternity there was an iconic American who rocked the world with his charisma! Now you get to play slots on your computer like they did back then – no pop-up ads or anything else distracting from pure entertainment.

Elvis Lives Slots is available at all hours of the day so why not take it for a spin?

Elvis Lives Slot Machine

Elvis Lives is a five-reel, twelve-row slot machine developed by WMS. It features 60 fixed paylines and incorporates Aloha Free Spins, TCB free spins, Jumpsuit Picker bonuses as well as Elvis Lives themed specials.

How It Looks

The King of Rock and Roll is the center piece in this game. His suit shines under the stage lights, while his logo graces your screen to keep you entertained during any break from play. You’ll find more diversity onscreen than just Elvis himself; three lower-value playing card royals are inspired by outfits he used to wear back when he was still alive and rocking out onstage!

As with any other slot that features Elvis Presley as its main character, The King delivers an experience centered around him – or rather his white suited self seen fronting a number of different symbols throughout gameplay such as 3 low value cards depicting some favorite outfit choices (including one for Dr. Martin Luther Jr).

The Elvis Presley collection has many symbols, including some tacky sunglasses and a flower. The microphone is also one of the icons in this collectible set. Additionally, there are three pins from concerts that feature Elvis himself!

Real Money Elvis Slots

Elvis Lives offers a medium variance, which we think balances well with the 2000x jackpot you can win. The top prize can only be won by playing through the special features so keep your fingers crossed! You’ll need to stake between EUR0.50 and EUR100 for every spin – but never fear; if that’s too much of an investment, Auto Play will do all the tedious work for you!

Reels two, three and four have the chance of combining to form one giant Elvis reel. It contains 4×3 symbols, and uses an alternate reel. Alongside standard icons in this game you can also find special trigger symbols that appear on a different track than normal gameplay does. There are four different bonus triggers available – Aloha Free Spins awards seven free turns for players who manage to land it during regular play time; Wanderin’ Wild is wild for all other reels when triggered as well as any wins coming from them with double payout if they’re part of said win!

The Wandering Wilds on this slot game are a mystery. You could get one right at the start, or not see them for hours. Luckily, you’re guaranteed to score five free spins when they finally come around and that’s where things really take off! Not only will three-of-a kind wins be multiplied during these rounds if more than one multiplier is in play but extra spins can also multiply your winnings too – making it an exciting time both before and after getting those elusive icons!

Extra Spins is a multiplier that multiplies the number of free spins you have. In Jumpsuit Picker, we get three gem picks to win cash values. Each pick also has a random chance for additional gems to be picked automatically. If the number of gems revealed at the end of those three picks exceeds two times what’s on your level threshold, then you’ll get an EXTRA bonus and 3 more tries!

You’ll want to make sure you’re spinning quickly, because once the letters on your sign are all lit up or one of them is already collected by another player then it’s game over. The bigger payoff will come if you light up more than just a few at the same time!


Sadly, we do not get a further multiplier increase. Even with multiple Wandering Doubles, the payout is only 2x. The payoff increases if you land the Extra Spins Scatter though and can vary depending on your level. Level One awards 5x for lighting up fully across all three lines of symbols while Levels Two through Four will give 15X or 20X respectively! You’ll be able to win big prizes just by landing ordinary icons alongside them too- including four scattered Wands that are worth 2000 times their line bet when they light up in full as well

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