Epic Monopoly Ii Slots Review

Epic Monopoly II Slots

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Epic Monopoly II Slot Machine

Out of all the Monopoly slots games (there are loads of them), this one has been one of the biggest success stories so far. The Epic Monopoly II slot game is built in the same style as Colossal Reels, by WMS and uses two reel sets with 100 paylines that’s based on a fully branded title-Monopoly. Rich Uncle Pennybags makes an appearance awarding high value prizes alongside his dog and 2 rich men/women who make appearances too!

The game benefits from cloning stacks of Wilds and loads of bonus features awarded by the Epic Wheel Bonus feature. Whenever a full stack of Wilds land on any one reel, it will be transferred to cover a corresponding wheel set thus helping you form multiple winning combinations. The Bonus symbols appear only in reels 1, 3 and 5 across both grids once three or more are landed at once; this triggers the epic wheel bonus!

You can win a prize of 500x bet per 2 lines, up to 20 free spins, and 12 dice rolls for the Around the Board Bonus. During this round you could potentially earn as much as 1,500x your total bet while there is no maximum possible amount in game with 250 coins awarded after 5 combos are made during Epic Monopoly II’s bonus features!

Similar to the original Las Vegas version, UK players will enjoy a fun gaming experience with Scientific Games’ latest slot.

Epic Monopoly 2 Slots

Monopoly slots is a game that begins with an addictive jingle. You can’t help spinning the reels in order to hear it again and see what you might get. The real action starts when we hit on one of Monopoly’s many bonuses, which happens more often than not but requires patience before anything good comes our way; however, nothing beats hitting big for once! Play free without any download or registration at all by clicking here now!

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I found myself wondering while I was playing this game, if it’s because casinos are tired of the same old Monopoly layouts and need to freshen things up. If that is true, then they’re getting a little too creative for me! A few more spins on these slots later there were some bonus rounds with all sorts of crazy cards (most looked like they belonged in one of those card games you can find at an arcade) which made my head spin every time. The next round had us spinning around different levels filled with slot machines–the whole thing felt so overstimulating after just being used to seeing four or five rows before that point-giving out cash prizes left and right as we spun our way down each level seemed almost

In casinos, one often has the opportunity to play Buffalo slots. These games are played in rooms with dim lighting and must be tapped on a screen before playing can commence. Recently though, these machines have been replaced by new ones that use LED screens which emit brighter lights for more engaging gameplay.

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