Friends Slots Review

Friends Slots

When the sun is shining and you find yourself with some spare time, what better way to spend your day than playing Friends slots for free or real money? With no pop-ups ads disrupting gameplay, there’s nothing that will keep you from enjoying a perfect sunny afternoon. You can even play without having an account – just click “play now”.

Friends Slot Machine

Friends is a five-reel, four-row slot machine designed by WMS. The game has forty total fixed paylines that players cannot turn on or off. Available special features include jackpot Wilds and four different bonuses won through the Wheel for those who play more than one line at once. *The design behind this release really doesn’t blow your mind but it’s still good enough to be worth trying out if you’re looking for something new as there are only so many slots with six unique characters–the cast of Friends!
* Above the reels we have an image of all six friends from our favorite TV show; fans will love seeing them here in their natural habitat: New York City during evening hours while various buildings light up around

With the release of multiple editions, it became difficult to keep track which one was better. With so many editions out there with similar designs and themes how can you be sure that your money is being spent wisely? The WMS team have no worries because they designed their latest edition using a popular scene as an icon! It’s up to each individual player what this iconic moment means for them but rest assured; all versions will include a stunning final boss battle from A Link Between Worlds. You won’t want to miss these moments on the big screen again!

Real Money Friends Slots

The highest jackpot you can win while playing this slot machine is a staggering 2000x! This includes using Wild Jackpots, which need to appear in the correct position. Still, that’s an incredible reward considering this title has a medium variance. The RTP for it is 96%, which falls right on line with what slots have been averaging lately. Players can bet between EUR0 and $100 per spin- making this game perfect for both casual players who just want to play casually or more serious gamers who are looking for something intense without needing tons of money up front when they’re ready to gamble harder than usual

The biggest prize available through playing these games is 2k times! That means if you hit your lucky number from time-to-

Friends has given you a way to improve your odds by adding mystery stacks. The reels of this game contain some symbols that are randomly replaced with two or three icons, making it difficult for the jackpot Wilds to fully cover them all. Fortunately, these stacks give players an opportunity for higher winnings!

Spin the wheel and claim your prize!
Wild symbols are a key ingredient for something special. When you land three full stacks of Scatters on any reel, spin that lucky wheel to see what it will grant you: cash prizes, free spins with all wins multiplied by 3x during Thanksgiving week or 10 additional FREE SPINS when married couples tie-the-knot!

For the duration of her free spins, any Wilds that appear on the reels will lock in place. The Party bonus awards you eleven total free spins with Walking Wilds active and expanding to cover one or two rows across a set pattern for each spin !

* Wilds are locked to reel one on the first and eleventh spin

On the fourth and eighth free spin, Wilds are locked to reels two and three. On the fifth and seventh free spins, they can only appear on reel five; however in Bamboozled bonus you have a chance of winning one of twenty cards with prizes ranging from fixed jackpots worth up 2000x!


No, you can’t have it all. You’ll either get the jackpot Wilds or Scatters – but never both at once! To activate your free spins bonus round and start to win big with 1000x multipliers on each card drawn from the paradise pond deck of cards (just two), as well as angel pass, make sure that when activating slot’s wheel feature there are 3 Angel Passes in play before starting a spin. WMS charges an extra bet for every turn- so make sure not to forget this additional wager penalty if accumulating friends points is one of your goals while playing slots online!

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