Gems Gems Gems Slots Review Game


Play Gems slots now, and experience the unique “Gems” games that are sure to please! You played it as a social game before? Now play it is an online slot machine.

Extra 3 sets of reels are added to the right side of the game screen and spinning the main set will set in motion the additional reels as well. The slot is played on 20 reel, with 20 paylines per set. This means you can win up to 600 credits at a time!

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The slot machine is a relic of the past when gambling was fun, but this one’s older than most. Spin up to $80 per spin by playing in wager pairs on paylines with fixed bet values and some wonky slots around the side for good measure!

While some slot games have only a few large reels, this game has many with smaller ones that continue to spin. You are more likely to get good combinations all at once on the Gems Gems Gemms slots than in other traditional machines because not everything is dependent solely on these larger reels. The return-to-player percentage is 95%.

Bonus rounds and special features

When you start to play Gems Gmes, the Wild is set as your default icon and will automatically replace any other icons on the reel. The only exception being Diamond Feature symbols that can still be used when they land onto a primary or secondary reels. If one of these two special symbols lands in either spot then all three rows are locked into place while others spin around- but if more than just those two should happen to come up at once it too gets frozen!

One thing about playing Gems Gemes is that their logo appears wild throughout – replacing every single symbol except for diamond feature ones which always stay within its respective column no matter where they landed on each row during spins. When this happens players have an opportunity take advantage by using them

When players find 3 Diamonds on the reels, they are awarded 10 free spins. If they land one extra diamond (4 in total) during these free rounds, their multiplier will increase by x1 for that round or up to a maximum of x12 if there is more than 1 instance of such an arrangement. The visual representation and different features make this slot perfect for any player who loves gem-themed games with lots going on when you spin those wheels!

The 5×4 multiple reels system may be a bit overwhelming at first, but before you even realise it, you will grow accustomed to it – to the point where you will stop noticing that there is anything different. This slot game features an abundance of free spins and multipliers which make for easy winning combinations. The graphics are engaging while the accompanying music soothes your mind into relaxation.

You’re going to have a blast with this game! This is the perfect slot machine for those who enjoy classic themes and gem slots. The developer has managed to add a fresh twist by introducing additional reel sets, which make it even more fun.

Las Vegas

“The GEMS slots by WMS features 4 different games that are linked to each other. The only difference between this and the older generation of four-in-one is you do not need to play all four of these games at once, paying separately for every one. So while most people might spend $2 on something like Sex in the City or New Breakfast at Tiffany’s Slots, they can get more enjoyment out their 50 cents per spin with gems.”

The best thing about these new games from WMS (including the new Colossal Reels slots) is that wilds on one screen transfer to screens 2, 3 and 4. If you get at least two columns of wild symbols in your first game, then it’s almost certain that you’ll have a major win! The features which really stand out are free spins bonus rounds with 10x multipliers for extra wins. You can see this clearly by watching our video above…

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