Heidi And Hannah’s Bier Haus Slots Review

Heidi and Hannah’s Bier Haus Slots

This is a slots game with two great characters, Heidi and Hannah. These ladies can’t wait to serve you some lunchtime fun!

Heidi and Hannah’s Bier Haus Slots

Heidi and Hannah’s Bier Haus is a six-reel, 6 row slot machine that you can play 50 paylines on. You also get free spins, the bonus wheel and 4 fixed jackpots to help your game out! We especially liked how they included special features like full reel Wilds or clicking/tapping two barmaids who will smile at you or clap when touched. This release by WMS looks much better than their other games which makes us excited for what’s next from them

Heidi and Hannah’s Bier Haus is a destination for anyone who has an interest in beer, or just wants to enjoy it. The variety of symbols designating different types help us get into the Oktoberfest mood. These range from pretzels, green German hats, tubas and accordions–all things that are quintessentially German! A keg can be substituted at any time with the wild card which makes this game even more interesting than many others on offer.

Real Money Heidi Slots

This slot has a medium variance, carefully balancing between frequent wins and satisfying prizes. The most valuable jackpot you can win is 1,111.11x your total stake by winning the blonde woman fixed jackpot thanks to its lucrative special features that make for interesting rewards even outside of such an event. Thanks to this game’s RTP ratio at 96% (above average) it provides players with great odds on every spin no matter how much they bet! Meanwhile, if you’re feeling like going in big then feel free to spend EUR180 per try – which isn’t too shabby considering all 50 paylines are available for those who dare take their chances now!

Punters can change their bet and use the Auto Play option to make spinning more straightforward. The beer Wild, Hans, and several other special icons only appear in their own corresponding reels during normal gameplay–but Scatters are interchangeable no matter where they’re located on a reel!

What are you waiting for? You’ll get one hundred free spins if you land twenty or more Scatters in Bier Haus! Where the specific Scatter starts mattering is with special features. For every green Heidi and Hannah symbol, three extra spin will be granted to a total of 100 bonus spins! If your scatter on any other area turns red, that means it has been activated as an independent feature (either granting two wheel spins when paired together). But don’t worry: Hans playing his trumpet still gives you another chance at winning something cool too.

Sweet Sticky Wilds replace purple Heidi or Hannah Scatters that activate the free spins. They also substitute any additional purple scatter symbols on the board during each spin, and every sticky beer wild symbol means an additional one will be added to the board. There are four corresponding jackpots players can land: blue, yellow, red and green–but they need three matching icons/symbols in order to win them! Players who hit a Hans Spin button have their first 3 of 5 total free spins guaranteed with at least 1 full reel Wild icon on all five reels for those 3 rounds only!

Wilds are jumping all over the place during this game! Up to ten of them fly across the board, so every hand has a chance at winning.

A maximum of 10 Wild cards can be added onto your tableau and these wild cards may land on any space that is not occupied by locked or floating Wilds.


The odds for our wagers are not the same as before. They’re odd now, and we aren’t sure what prompted this change. But if you play your cards right, it can lead to big rewards! You’ll get a pretzel at 11x stakes or an accordion that pays 55x stake on top of all those free spins just like always– but then there’s also brunettes with 222x reward and blondes who offer 1111 x their original bet every time they show up in front of us
After clicking around some more screens I found out two barmaids outside (we missed them! ), the house window across from me begging my attention, bushes rustling nearby under which was once hidden six beer taps waiting patiently

You can also set a single win limit to avoid missing out on the big wins.

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