Kingdom Of The Titans Slots Review

Kingdom of the Titans Slots

Kingdom of the Titans Slot Machine Game is a free online game with 5 reels and 30 fixed paylines. The WMS slot machine was released in 2011, but its design shows that it’s been around for much longer than that – back to retro days! Though the symbols are created to fit this theme, they also have some modern touches too like no unrelated playing card icons just so you can play your favorite casino games without having them thrown at you all day long. Plus there’s an epic bonus round where betting sky-rockets! Don’t miss out on these hot slots now because who knows when their power will run out?

The Titans, born of the union between Gaia and Uranus, boasted an impressive list of skills. Cronus was one such Titan who wielded his power over others under the influence of his mother so as to prevent a grandson from castrating him just like he did with their father. However, in doing this act against Rhea’s children before they were even old enough to understand or comprehend what had been done–he ensured that each child she gave birth would be feared by those around them for fear it might happen again; at least until he ate all her children after which nothing could stop him from becoming ruler

When Zeus grew up, he challenged Cronus to a war. Winning combinations are formed by multiple appearances of gods and goddesses, various pieces of equipment used in battles, old Greek coins amphorae harps and laurels. You’ll need at least 3 identical ones on a payline to receive a payout so you should be sure not leave any stones unturned!

Payouts in the Real Money Casino Game

Bet per line ranges from EUR0.01 and goes up to EUR5, thus allowing you to spin the reels for a minimum of just over PS1 and a maximum of around $175 (PS150). The easiest way is simply by playing automatically until you hit the respective button once again. Kingdom of the Titans has medium variance with an RTP (return-to-player) rate at 96%. Gods are willing to pay out as much as 500x your bet amount if five identical symbols land in one row – this can be worth well into six figures!

Watch the reels for consecutive winning combinations, because a big win could be just around the corner. Watch out of Spinning Streaks too – they can help you rack up even more wins!

In order to take advantage of the Free Games feature and start your round with at least 5 scattered Scattered Feature symbols, you’ll need a minimum amount. You can get as many 8 free spins if triggering icons are dispersed in groups of 3 or more. Spinning Streak will freeze all featured icons when triggered by 3 or more simultaneously appearing features!

Landing 8 or 9 wins you 10 free games, collecting 10 Scatters delivers 25 spins, and getting between 11 and 15 will offer as many as 50 spins on the house. The feature can be re-triggered to add additional free spin opportunities. Should a Spinning Streak activate while you’re playing for free, your final prize will receive a boost with the help of a multiplier ranging from x2 to x10!

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