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KISS Slots

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KISS Slot Machine
When KISS slots was first released, it became an instant hit and can now be found in just about all the biggest Las Vegas casinos. Judging by the lines that formed to play when it was first released we predicted it would be huge. Indeed even today, is still really popular unlike before where you don’t see people lining up as much anymore which could mean a lot of things like less popularity but also because there are so many more games out there with different themes not only one single game type such as this slot machine featuring rocking 10 reels and rolling 100 paying lines powered by WMS who did pretty good job creating rock music

As far as music-themed slot machines go, Kiss is at the top. The design and gameplay features are creative and engaging; it’s not just the imagery that’s associated with Kiss. With iconic costumes and makeup from their live concerts incorporated into game play, this machine isn’t your average one in a casino — or anywhere for that matter!

The two reel sets have 100 lines between them, with the 5×3 grid to your left being for low-value symbols and the Colossal Reels on its right made up of 12 rows. The high value icons are assigned JQKAA so you’ll be able to see which is more profitable by taking a look at what’s in front of you!

The rest of the paytable contains symbols related to themes from Kiss. The Wild depicts a band-wide view, whereas bonus is the logo itself for this iconic rock group. Other icons that stretch across reels or specific positions include members like Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley with his signature red hair and mustache paint on.

The interface has become quite user-friendly in recent years too despite there being two reel grids at once sometimes–giving you more chances than one!

The Kiss slot is a fun and simple game that really emphasizes the importance of winning combinations. The control panel below features buttons for adjusting your number of active lines, bet amount per line, as well as total bets you’re willing to take – all before getting into the action. Once clicking on Spin button both reel sets will come alive with any combination receiving payouts when three or more matching symbols are matched in a row vertically or horizontally! One interesting feature this machine includes is its Free Spins round where players can receive up to 10 free spins at one time if they match 3 wilds present anywhere on their screen during playtime; but be sure not to forget about another exclusive bonus called Wild which allows certain icons (specifically cherries) only appearing

The Free Spins bonus is triggered by landing 3, 4 or 5 Kiss symbols on reels 1, 3 or 5. Players can choose to add multipliers of 2x and up depending on the number of icons that appear in a row across those three slots – 8 free spins with x2 multiplier for 3 icons; 12 freespins at x5 if you get four iconic images etc. The Wild feature isn’t just limited to Slots games where there are two sets- this one has it too!

If you’re a fan of rock ‘n’ roll, then Kiss is the slot for you! The nudging Wilds on the main reels set will copy themselves on the secondary Colossal Reel set. This brings in wild bonus features and introduces even more dynamics to this already sharp game. If that’s not enough, then stay tuned because it becomes really awesome when they introduce their 95% payback percentage with top rewards at 1,250x your stake–and best yet? It comes loaded with an extra ton of rocking tunes just waiting to be heard from behind those spinning reel boxes.

The nudging Wilds on the main reels set will copy themselves onto our second one: these are known as colossally sized slots

Free KISS Slots

The free KISS slot machine by the makers of Vegas slots is now available for you to play online, with no downloads or registration required. Enjoy hours and hours of fun right from your own desktop!

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