Kronos Unleashed Slots Review

Kronos Unleashed Slots

Kronos Unleashed slots is a game where you win the jackpot! You also have no pop-ups or spam to contend with. Kronos Unleashed offers free games, which are not only fun but can be highly profitable as well. This is because of their “Lucky Spin” feature that gives players an extra chance at winning when they spin and get three identical symbols in one line on any reel – up to five times per day for each player account! Check it out today!”

Kronos Unleashed Slot Machine

Kronos Unleashed is a unique game developed by WMS inspired from the mythological tale of Cronus, King of Titans and father of Zeus. As one divine descendant Uranus and leader Titan Kronos ruled through Golden Age that was followed by rebellion led his son with help her other three children (Hera, Poseidon Hades). The grid on this machine is 8 rows high where each row has 9 spaces for symbols to be found but players can bet up-to 10 coins per line which increases chances 100 ways to win in single spin. Above reels stand mighty looking Kronos while thunders roar behind him or an ancient temple reflected at background

The Kronos Slot game by Net Entertainment has five of the biggest jackpot prizes and you will also have a chance to win Gold, Red or Purple Kronos. Playing cards A, K, Q and J offer smaller rewards while the winged Pegasus replaces base game symbols on higher paying icons in this slot machine.

Kronos Unleashed is a slot game that does not have any reels, but instead has one large box displaying your balance and stake on each side of the screen. On either end there are two more boxes with red or green numbers to indicate what area you currently occupy – it’s important for players to know which areas they’re in so as not to accidentally lose their winnings when hitting the wrong button! The main bonus feature is Free Spins Bonus, activated by three or more Scatter symbols getting anywhere onscreen. This triggers an alternate set of screens where every spin awards 5x payout automatically without having had anything happen at all beforehand. It even intertwines smoothly with Boxing Feature: this determines how many freebies awarded during play time thanks to its

The player can receive 1, 2 or 5 free spins for every boxed symbol. The whole ordeal is a bit complicated at first but after some time it becomes less demanding. Calculating the max amount of possible free spins would be difficult as there are so many to choose from and each round has its own rules regarding how they’re used. Nonetheless, one thing’s certain – with Cronus you have plenty of opportunities to win big! When Kronos symbols land on reel one during any other feature (including Free Spins), then all players get 3 re-spins in addition to their original spin(s). Power Up symbols will appear randomly which give extra points if landed next two matching icons that connect by an arrow side ways; Arrow Symbols allow

Kronos Unleashed is an excellent sequel to the original WMS Kronos slot game, with astonishing graphics and a complex gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. The Arrow symbol adds 1 additional row to the bottom of the grid while Lightning triggers Jackpot Bonus. Spin Jackpot Reels and win one of five mentioned jackpots; if successful, your prize could be worth 50k! Plus symbols increase value for any Kronus symbols on screen- sharing this space may seem challenging at first but can end up being very profitable in time.

Kronos Unleashed is a game that requires your full attention. If you are not careful and attentive, this slot will leave you with nothing to show for it but disappointment at the end of the day.
Kronos Unleased has an RTP percentage of 95%.

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