Lady Of Egypt Slots Review

Lady of Egypt Slots

You can now play Lady of Egypt slots for free or real money without the bothersome pop-up ads.

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Lady of Egypt Casino Slot Machine Game

The Lady of Egypt slot game is available for free, and it’s worth checking out. The sheer extent to which this casino-style video poker machine takes you back in time to ancient Egyptian times with its 3×3 playing field and nine pay lines makes the gameplay a joyous escapade that will leave players feeling like they have just been transported into another world! If you’re looking for something new, exciting, and different from other slots then try your hand at WMS’ phenomenal Cleopatra themed release today.

The Ancient Egypt theme of this game is one that can be seen in the symbols, like Canopic jars and Pharaohs rule. As Cleopatra herself would have enjoyed it best! The main feature lies within ten reels with only three at a time being magnified for your enjoyment – giving you nine paylines to hit on each spin.

The 3×3 playing field moves one space to the right each time you score a win, and twice with Expanded Pay. Playing for this feature will help gamblers traverse the ten reels more quickly by grouping icons together on certain squares of their choosing. The multiplier increases if they fill nine different symbols in that square or mix them up – whichever is easier!

Winning at the slot machine is all about timing. The grand jackpot could be yours, but you’ve got to wait until reel 10 for it! And when that happens, this game’s going from good times to great time with a multiplier of up to 1000x your bet and either one of three major prizes or 8-30 free spins on top. So what are you waiting for? Take your chances now while they’re still hot!

Wilds fill every reel at random during the free spins bonus rounds, and if you don’t win 10x your bet on top of any scatter wins initiated for that round – Lady Egypt’s Bonus Guarantee will push it to be worth up to 20 times what you placed. This slot is a high variance game with 96% RTP odds in favor of players who want an exciting time-waster but are not playing big enough bets yet!

Not accounting for jackpots, there are also hard caps on how much a single game can reward. These limits range from 250,000 coins to the grand prize of 2 million!


Every game has a story and Lady of Egypt slots is no exception. After loading the slot you will see that it features an Egyptian-themed background with vibrant, textured graphics for rich gameplay. There are 5 reels but only 3 rows which means there’s more opportunities to win big! Alongside this stunning design we have 15 different paylines in our free version so get spinning right away – all without spamming your email address or bombarding you with adverts here on Slotmachinegames24h

Every game has its own unique map; if anything can be said about Lady of Egypt Slots then it would be that they don’t disappoint when it comes to their creative design layout. The games visuals include dynamic textures and vivid colours

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