Lancelot Slots Review

Lancelot Slots

Are you looking for a way to have some good, old-fashioned fun? Why not play Lancelot slots on your phone with no pop-up ads and spam.

Listening to the screeching of tires can get so annoying after awhile; maybe that’s why I decided it was time for me to find an outlet like playing online slot games where there are no adverts or spam messages coming up constantly all over my screen!

Lancelot Slot Machine

Lancelot slot machine game is a classic WMS G+ game that features an incredibly immersive and dashing design, reminiscent of the tales from King Arthur’s Round Table. Lancelot was one of many knights in his company who were highly regarded for their skills on horseback.

The backdrop shows a lovely medieval landscape and the reels grid is placed against it, covering almost the entire screen. The designers wanted to emphasise the visuals, clearly, so they made these big enough for players at all times with symbols that are related to this theme. Low paying icons include items such as acorns or flowers which make up part of our surroundings in any forested area like a typical Medieval setting would have been back then. And there’s even an iconic knight’s shield and helmet!

It is hard to say if the movie focuses on King Arthur or Lancelot and Guinevere, but we can be sure that this game will offer us a great experience. The two Wilds – Lancelot and Guinevere are featured prominently throughout the reel with tall stacks of wild symbols.

The Wild symbol is a special bonus that doubles as the Scatter. When you line up two Wilds/Scatters anywhere on reels from left to right, starting with first reel slot and going all the way down till last reel slots, you’ll receive 5 free spins. In absence of scatter symbols in this game round, wild will serve its function by doubling your chances of winning combos where it’s present!

Score three symbols and the number goes up to 10 freebies. With four symbols you’ll receive 20 free spins, which maxes out at 50 when all five of the special symbols are landed on a single spin. The Free Spins round can be re-triggered well according to player reports; it is also worth noting that any wins during this time period will double in value! Lancelot has an impressive top payout of 2,500 coins with 96% return to players – definitely one for those who like their games simple but effective!

Lancelot slot is a great game for newcomers and low rollers. With the option of up to one win line, you can still rely on your Wild/Scatter symbols in free spins mode. Lancelot himself might even be fighting with you!

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