Leprechauns Fortune Slots Review

Leprechaun’s Fortune Slots

WMS’s Leprechaun’s Fortune Slot Machine
Leprechaun’s Fortune is one of the most common themes used in online slots. According to Irish folklore, if you catch a leprechaun he will grant your three wishes. No person has managed this feat so far in reality, which makes it all that more possible with our free slot game – why not give it a go and see if you can hunt down the little bugger? Do any unfulfilled desires come to mind here? Maybe they are just waiting for Leprechan’s Treasure!

Once upon a time, there was a little town filled with leprechauns. One day one of the magical creatures came to visit and promised his treasure if someone could find him some gold! The slot machine has fun images that are used as symbols for good luck such as rainbows, fairies; however it also includes more traditional card icons like 9-Ace which can be hard on your bankroll. A lucky wild symbol is featured in reels 2 through 5 but you will have to keep spinning until he appears because this game doesn’t offer any free spins or features at all!

You can play slots with autoplay on your mobile phone and have a chance to win FREE spins. You’ll need three scatter symbols anywhere in order to trigger the free game bonus round, but it’s not as easy as you might think because scatters only appear on the first 3 reels!

The feature can only be re-triggered once, awarding 5 more spins on top of those already claimed.

The Real Money Game: Payouts and Bet Range

The RTP of 96.14% is more or less the same as in other slots within the provider’s portfolio, though it offers limited special features both in terms of mechanisms and rewards. A single special feature with a modest number of free-play opportunities might make you believe leprechaun’s gold isn’t worth all that much when it comes to symbol payouts: five rainbows on a line will cash out 400x your bet, but only up to EUR1,000 max per spin. Sticky Wilds could help pile up multiple wins while spinning for 15 times over one bet however; not bad at all!

Still, we’ve seen the little bearded man handing out far more generous rewards in other developers’ take on the same theme. Leprechaun’s Fortune is clearly not among the most lucrative WMS games nor does it have anything distinctive going for it visually or sonically but then again its popularity within online gaming communities makes this clear that there are some who still love to gamble with a cheerful leprechaun at their side. With so many similar products out there though, few would choose any one of them over another and even if they did these titles tend to be forgotten pretty quickly as newer ones come up just around every corner

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