Lil Red Riding Hood Slots Review

Lil Red Slots

The thrill of the slots is taking over. Download Lil Red and you’ll be able to enjoy all the fun for free or real money – no pop-up ads, spam, or anything else in between!

It’s time that you join us at our casino floor where we play only one game: slot machine games. And since it’s a safari themed amusement facility, there will not be any pop up advertisements but instead cute little animals running around everywhere because they know how much everyone loves them so long as they don’t get too close though!

Li’l Red Slot Machine

Imagine playing a game that comes with all the features and excitement of Vegas, but in an even more entertaining way. Lil Red is one such slot machine to give you this experience. You’ll be able to see characters like Little Red Riding Hood herself- just as sexy as ever! With her red French Maid outfit and stockings, it’s hard not to get excited about what will happen next when she meets up with the Big Bad Wolf for some fun adventures together on Colossal reels games range from WMS

Enter a magical world of fairy tales with this unique slot game. You can win neat prizes by spinning the reels, or you could just enjoy looking at the beautiful background while playing!

The game features two unique reel sets, a main set of five reels and four layouts which offers players the chance to win big time while doubling how much fun they can have. Playing card suits are represented by gems in this game with other icons including flowers, baskets, grandmothers and woodcutters as well.

The big bad wolf and the Li’l Red are represented by huge symbols, that take up to four rows on the main reel set, and up to eight rows on the colossal reel set. The game logo serves as both Wilds – substituting for all other symbols bar a Scatter one which is House appearing only on reels 1-3 of both sets.

Lil Red Riding Hood Slots Real Money

I’m not a gambler. But I can appreciate the intricacies of slot machines, and this one is an absolute doozy. You need to choose your bets before you get started but it doesn’t matter because there are so many options! There’s 20 lines or up to 100-lines; betting as little as $0.01 per line all the way up to $5 (depending on how much money they want out of me). The max bet for any spin? A whopping 250 bucks! Apart from that…I think just about everything has been said already – if only it had auto play functions then things would be perfect

There’s lots of excitement waiting for you in the forest, with a minimum of three Feature symbols required to trigger the game’s Free Spins feature. The number of spins you will receive depends on how many Feature symbols triggered this round and also determines your win multiplier: 3 features = 8 free spins which doubles your total bet; 4 Symbol Features award 15 rounds by increasing it five times as much while 5 Symbols awards 20 free games plus an increase that multiplies your final stake at least twentyfold.

Li’l Red is charming and appealing, but the lack of a progressive jackpot leaves this game lacking in that department. The RTP is high at 95.94%, which allows players to enjoy it without too much risk for their money, while still being able to win some big cash prizes with enough luck on your side! It’s not scary as you may think; instead expect thrilling rounds full of bright colors and plenty opportunities to fill up those pockets with more than just lint

It’s possible that your story won’t have a happy ending, but with the wolf gone who will be there to eat you?

Lil Red Slots FAQ

Yes, you can play for free at and they have a strict no spam policy! Playable from $0.50 per single spin, Lil Red offers 100 paylines and two sets of reels – the first reel grid features 5 reels with four rows while Colossal Reels has 12 row slots in it’s second set of 4 columns which means there is more room for bigger wins as well! The maximum bet players can place per spin is $100 but don’t worry about that because if this slot doesn’t win big then nothing will 😉

Three of a kind is the minimum for landing payouts. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf are two high-paying symbols that can cover entire reels. Land three or more Scatters to trigger Free Spins, where you could win up to 999x your bet! Colossal Reels can be found in several WMS video slots like Lil’ Red (one such slot). Basically, there’s a regular 5×4 reel grid and 5×12 Colossal Reels grids–if one full stack of Wilds lands on the first five by four wheel it’ll be transferred over onto corresponding squares/reel on 12 colosseum columns giving players even MORE chances at big wins!! !

The central attraction of Lil Red is the Free Spins feature, triggered by three or more Scatters that land on reels 1, 3, and 5. Depending on how many scatters you get in a row players can trigger 8- 20 free spins for themselves with bonus multipliers! Players are rewarded up to four times their bet depending what number they chose before starting the round. The Return To Player percentage (RTP) is 95%. So if your average wager was $100 per spin this would mean an unrivaled RKPT rate at 95%.

You can now play the popular Lil Red pokies video game online at, wherever you are in New Zealand or Australia! Yes, it’s true that there is not a real money version of this game for cash players available anywhere on land and many countries around the world still have legal restrictions prohibiting these types of games to be played by citizens residing within their borders. However, if you’re looking to score some free spins playing with virtual currency like coins instead then head over right away because those options are definitely open – just click here where they really do cater specifically to your needs!

Las Vegas

The popularity of Colossal reels games have put a new spin on the slot machine industry with its innovative game play and payout rate. This is all due to “Lil Red” which has released in November 2011, but only after it was set for high payouts by WMS Industries. Slots such as Lil Red Riding Hood and Spartacus are just some examples that could be found anywhere in Las Vegas now days because they were so popular upon release – partly due to their unique style of gameplay, not seen before at other casinos elsewhere!

When the Wizard of Oz slot machine was released, it seemed to pay out better than newer games in this series. Other popular slots include Van Helsing and Spastics as well as Forbidden Dragons which make up the first four titles. Since these gigantic reel machines have been so successful at casinos across America, WMS has recently created a spate of new versions based on the same theme with its newest release being Mayan Marvels–the fifth title in their Super Monopoly Slots Series that features colossal reels for an even bigger chance at winning!

The new games are brighter than the first series with themes like Colossal Wizards and Giants Gold slots.

The Dark Knight may be gone, but there’s still plenty of action in The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter!

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