Lunaris Slots Review

Lunaris Slots

Lunaris slots are here and they’re better than ever. Play for free or real money without any pop-up ads, spam emails, it’s just you and the game!

Lunaris Slots is finally back with a vengeance – no more annoying popups begging to sign up for other games in order to play Lunaris on Facebook. Now there’s never anything between you and your favorite slot machine – nothing but pure blissful gaming satisfaction brought by our friendly staff of professionals who would love nothing less than your happiness when playing at Lunaris Casino online…

Lunaris Slot Machine

Lunaris slots is one of the WMS colossal reels games. The way this game plays, in essence is no different than many other WMS slot machines but it has a feel and features that are totally unique to this particular machine. There’s something about Lunar slots which feels spiritual at times; like you’re being transported into some type of dreamlike trance when playing the sounds effects play with background butterflies fluttering across your screen. This theme takes on its focus around moonlight and stars so there will be plenty for players who enjoy cosmic themes to love here as well!

The use of astrological symbols on the reels in Lunaris is both an interesting and creative way to add a spiritual theme. This slot has all your old favorites like spades, hearts clubs and diamonds but features different values for each symbol depending if you are lucky enough to hit that big win or just need a little more luck before hitting it!

The machine seemed to snap and land in a more tightly controlled way than other games. When I played the Lunaris slot, it was immediately clear that this game takes all of what is good about Colossal Reels games but adds new twists with some interesting features. This could be a really great thing for people who enjoy these types of machines like me!

The butterfly symbols in Lunaris give you a number of Wilds that flutter over to the major reel, and guarantees at least one win. The free spins feature is hard to hit but worth it when attained because WMS Colossal Reels games are different from those with transferring reels like Giants Gold where you may or may not get a winning line.

The game of Lunaris slots is a unique and fun experience. The gameplay consists of normal features, but with the addition that the sound really enhances each moment in playtime. One aspect I found particularly enjoyable about this no download video slot was how it used its butterfly wild symbols to alter volatility levels on the reels – creating chances for big wins without too many negative consequences when you don’t get them!

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