Monopoly Electric Wins Slots Review

Monopoly Electric Wins Slots

Play Monopoly Electric Wins slots for free or real money – instant play – no pop-up ads! You can win at casino games like never before.

Monopoly Electric Wins Slot Machine

Monopoly Electric Wins is a six-reel, three-row slot machine developed by WMS. It has 729 ways to win and substitutes standard paylines with features such as the monopoly board, multiplier Wilds and free spins round which are available every so often. This developer knows how to stun us sometimes with gorgeous or unique visuals; whether you find this pretty or not will mostly come down to how much you like purple color scheme of dark colors mixed in bright neon lights on the background graphics. Still we think it looks interesting if overwhelming because everything blends together due its design that makes all elements seem connected while still being separated from each other they way they should be

As you navigate the streets of Atlantic City, your only goal is to seize all three properties. These 3 buildings in-game are shaped like a monopoly board and offer various rewards based on how many points they’re worth. Every game starts with 2 dice that let players move their token around the board at will – it’s up to them whether or not they want to buy any property for themselves from this point forward! If players find themselves stuck without options then there are two special symbols: The Wild card (a neon house) offers free movement anywhere within an area designated by other cards on the grid while Scatter Cards provide different types of prizes depending as if which one was rolled when landing face down – some rewarding cash while others grant additional rolls!

Real Money Monopoly Electric Wins Slots

Monopoly Electric Wins is a low-medium variance slot, designed to be easy to access and enjoy. While you risk of huge losses is small, your top prize could reach up 1000x your original stake! Such are the tradeoffs for playing lower volatilities – while there’s little chance for big wins, it also means that you can’t lose as much either way. The RTP on this game sits at 96.30%, which is above the current average in slots; with bets between EUR0.20 and EUR15 per spin varying depending on how daring (or not) they player feels like being today… And remember: changing stakes will erase any progress achieved so far during these spins – but if all goes well then when players return

It’s time to get your best suit on and put a top hat at the ready, because this release has many special features! The most exciting are multiplier Wilds. These can land on reels one through five, and sometimes appear with 2x multipliers attached. When these Wilds are part of winning combinations they double their payout value by adding together all other wild symbols that have been revealed in play (AND any fixed scatter prizes) so if you have three 2x multiples then every winning combination will be worth 6X its original prize amount when it appears !!! On each spin two dice will show a number which determines how much cash is awarded from left-to-right:

2 = $1 3=$5 4=$

You will move that many positions on the monopoly board that surrounds the playing field. Landing on unowned property ticks it with a green checkmark, indicating you now own it! Like in actual monopoly, your goal is to buy all properties of one particular color and then build houses & hotels when landing on them. Meanwhile as you’re moving through the gameboard there’s always a chance for activating various bonuses like free parking which can be really lucrative too!

* Go to Jail: You are locked up for a single spin and unable to move on the board. * Chance: Mystery chance icons are added to the playing field, which will all transform into one icon at the end of each turn. * Community Chest: A 2×2 or 3×3 symbol is added with electric bulb that becomes Wild if landed upon reel six during spins (allowing you free turns). If an event card lands in your hand, it’s removed from play until used later in game when drawing cards consecutively allow its use again; they can also be traded-in via trade block steps depending on what community chest was drawn as well! Railroad Movement signifies moving elsewhere around board but watch out because hotels appear where railroad lines cross

In this game, you’ll have to be quick on your feet and always thinking about what might come next. If certain combinations of properties are set up across the board in a row by landing on their spaces during free spins, then those houses will light up like electric bulbs! The more lit-up property combos that exist at any one time means bigger prizes for players who take advantage of them with creative moves. Plus, every full house or hotel combo lights up all other non-lit houses around it so there’s no tunnel vision when playing Waterworks: Extra Wilds Edition – just keep an eye out for opportunities as they arise throughout the course of play because things can change quickly enough without warning!


Imagine being in the midst of a game and achieving four houses on your property. You are feeling pretty confident that you’re about to upgrade them into hotels! But then, something happens – another player lands on one of their properties with five or more dice rolls which means they can get rid of all those pesky homes surrounding headquarters and finish off any final opponents who may be knocking at the gates. That’s where free spins come in handy for when luck isn’t just rolling your way; if someone else is able it should help out tremendously.

Free Spins: Free spin rounds allow players to make up for bad odds by getting an extra chance after every move without having to pay anything additional from what was originally paid before beginning play

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