Raging Rhino Slots Review

Raging Rhino Slots

Play Raging Rhino slots for free or real money! Collect symbols and get a chance to win up to 100x your bet. Addictive? You may find out once you try it yourself…

Raging Rhino Slot Machine

The Raging Rhino slot machine has a massive 4096 winning lines. It features 6 reels and every single combination pays out, so there are some big wins to be had. However, you can also experience long losing streaks too since the math isn’t as high quality (number of wins). One thing that really struck me when I played this game was how it calls “Rhino!”

When you hit a rhino winning line, it’s just like the Buffalo game! There are many similarities between those games. Even the fact that three symbols trigger the bonus and two re-trigger is similar to how Buffalo works with Wild multipliers.

Raging Rhino Slots Online

I play Raging Rhino slots for free, but when I wanted to try out the real money version with my hard-earned cash in Las Vegas or Atlantic City casinos, there was a big difference. Our free version is just as good – probably better because it’s impossible to lose any money playing this game!

One exception is New Jersey. If you live in NJ, the only way to gamble online at an Atlantic City casino is by playing Raging Rhino slots game from WMS productions. The Buffalo slot machine has a lot of similarities with this new title: they both offer payouts on all combinations as long as symbols line up consecutively left-to-right and it also shares many features with its predecessor like shout “Rhino!” when three or more are lined up together. However, unlike Buffalo which doesn’t have traditional lines/paylines that players should bet either side of before spins begins; instead there’s just one straight payout for any combination (eek!)

One exception is New Jersey where residents can play casinos games such as those found

With Rhino, the format is a 6×4 screen as opposed to the 5×3 you get in Buffalo. This earns there are 4096 pay-lines, as opposed to the 243 in Buffalo. When I was at Caesars Palace with my friend and her husband we sat next to these two playing on slots together by chance (and looking like they were having so much fun). The lady said “Oh my! This game has 4096 ways to win!” Her husband replied “Yeah but what they don’t tell you is that’s 4 million ways for it not too” They both chuckled at each other – high volatility games can be really exciting when all your chips are down!

When you play Raging Rhino, there is no chance of ever getting bored. Every time you spin the reels and land a winning combination (even if it’s just one line), your life gauge will go up by at least 1%. And when that life meter is full? Well then all bets are off because somebody in this game has finally been given enough luck to take them home with an edge-of-your seat experience!

The Rhino game is a slot machine that has wild symbols and multipliers. If you are lucky enough to hit the bonus end, you will find that the wild symbol becomes more frequent and also become multiplier. For example if you were to get 3 Wild Symbols lined up they might each give out a 3x multiplier meaning all winning lines would suddenly be multiplied by 27x (3X3X3). Now imagine getting those three of top paying rhino symbols with it being triple-multiplied for just one line: now your winnings can go through long periods without wins so it pays these huge payouts in its Bonus play!

Raging Rhino Slots FAQ

Raging Rhino is a six-reel, four-row video slot that benefits from 4,096 ways to win. Set in a beautiful African savannah with lush vegetation and rolling hillsides – the WMS product looks and sounds great! Say hello to The Tree which substitutes for all regular icons while diamond triggers Free Spins feature. Raging Rhino pays left to right starting on your leftmost reel; high value symbols start paying when at least two or more of them are on successive reels while three of kind gets you low valued playing cards… Yes, it’s possible play this game for real money both online or at land based casinos!

If you prefer playing online, you should look for online casinos that offer WMS slots. Land three or more Diamond Scatters on the reels and you will trigger free spins features with 8 to 50 freebies possible per scatter! You can even get 5 additional free games if there are 2 extra diamond scatters during your Free Spins feature. The Raging Rhino has been fully optimized for IOS and Android meaning that it is available across all devices- both desktop/laptop as well as tablets/phones

In theory, players will get back $95.9 for every $100 wagered in the WMS title and that’s quite good considering there are other pokies out there with a return to player of just 95 percent or less. However, if you’re looking for an interactive Raging Rhino game where you can place your bets online then unfortunately this isn’t available anywhere outside New Zealand at the moment so it is best suited as a land-based casino only machine which means no more playing from home!


The experience of playing Rhino slots is heightened by a sound that shouts “RHINO!!” and the trampling feet. The anticipation to see what kind of win you will get causes adrenaline levels to rise as your eyes are fixated on the screen waiting for more rhinos or another successful line combination. If this type of thrill-seeking activity appeals, it can be found in regular play with minimum bets; if not, there’s always time between wins where one can take their mind off these games.

Slot machines are the perfect game for those who love to try their luck. They’re also great for anyone who wants instant gratification since you can quickly win prizes ranging from cash and gold bars, all the way up to a car!

In modern society slot machine gambling is one of our most popular pastimes but choosing which type suits your needs best isn’t as easy it sounds like.

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