Roman Chariots Slot Machine

Roman Chariots Slots

The battle of the Roman Empire is all that’s on your mind with this free slot game. With 5 reels and 20 paylines, you can enjoy some great wins as well as special symbols such as Wild which comes in the form of a high-paying warrior riding his horse. The low-value armours, shields, swords and playing card icons may not give much winnings but they are still valuable to have when spinning for big prizes!

When you land the bonus scatter symbols on reels 1 and 5, they will trigger 8 free games and double stakes. You can also retrigger this feature to award another set of 8 spins with 2x wager!

To understand the role of other special symbols, we have to break down the structure of this game. It features a main reel set and 3 so-called Supercharged Reels that come into play when a stack of Wilds cover all 4 reels entirely and one Spin symbol appears on your last reel. Landing stacked wild on any middle three reels will charge up its respective Supercharged Reel but in order for it go off, you need to land another spin symbol which triggers everything at once!

Supercharged Reels is a new and innovative feature that will give you an additional chance to win, thanks to multiplying multipliers. You’ll also get the opportunity to increase your bets or multiplier on these reels by choosing from one of five options before playing this game mode – what’s more, hitting Spin 5 symbols in any given free spin round may reveal up to 5x! What could be better than doubling your chances at winning?

After a long wait, the reels finally slowed to show you stacked Wild symbols. You watch as they scatter around the screen before coming together again at reel 5 and triggering Supercharged Reel mode for all three remaining slots on that row! However, if these same wilds land consecutively with any other symbol in between them then your super charged feature will not activate but instead payout more than five times what you bet.

Real Money Play & Payouts

Roman Chariots is a game of chance. It plays like your common slot machine with an RTP rate at 95%. Players can bet on symbols that give the highest payout. For example, a player betting $1 has their maximum possible winnings be 20x (or they could just use 10 coins to receive 50%). There are two types of bets in this game; regular and feature which provides players with riskier opportunities for more payouts – but if you’re not careful there’s also greater chances for loss!

Land-based casinos are long gone, but they live on in Roman Chariots. The game offers players the opportunity to experience an ancient battlefield with a battle cry and horses neighing (the sound effects for this slot machine). When you hit that jackpot or cover all of your reels entirely by combining Wild symbols like weavers’ shuttles, you’ll find yourself riding proudly atop laurel wreaths as victory sounds echo throughout the virtual arena. This is one slots tournament where no matter what happens -whether it be cries of pain from warriors met with defeat at Caesar’s hands or victorious trumpets heralding Rome’s return home after conquering Gaul-, there will always be something to celebrate because even though time has passed since those days when

The Roman Chariots slot machine by WMS is a history-themed game that retells the story of ancient Rome through its symbols and animations. One such symbol for example, is an animated trumpet which appears when a player hits five Spin or Reset icons on their reel 5 to activate the Supercharged Reel feature with multipliers! This medium to high volatility slots keeps players glued as they spin in anticipation of what will come up next.

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