Ruby Slippers Wizard Of Oz Slots Review

Ruby Slippers Wizard of Oz Slots

Ruby Slippers is a fun game that offers players the opportunity to play for free and with real money. Players will enjoy the video animation of Dorothy clicking her heels, which was shown in theaters when this movie first came out, as they spin their way up to 10 coins per line at any time during gameplay.

Sometimes it can be hard enough just picking what games you want to play without constantly being bombarded by ads or spam messages from other companies within your chosen casino site; however Ruby Slippers has taken care of all those problems so users can have an uninterrupted gaming experience!

Ruby Slippers Slot Machine

The Wizard of Oz slot machines can be found in all the Las Vegas casinos as well as New Jersey, in Atlantic City. They are some of the best loved games ever to grace casino floors across America. Ruby Slipper is a follow-up game to original Wizard of Oz slots that has 5 reels and stacks wilds for big bonus wins when three or more appear on any active payline with maximum bet per line set at $1. The bit I really love about this one is how it pays off during stacked wild bonuses called (unsurprisingly) ruby slippers bonus feature which comes up randomly after you hit 3 scatters anywhere on screen while max bet per line stays at 1$.

There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of a stacked wild bonus. When you hit this feature, the reels start to spin in an unusual way and after just one second, something is bound to happen! Then suddenly out pops a gigantic bubble that floats across your screen before giving away some huge multipliers for all sorts of different wins. Sometimes it can be as simple as 1x on everything but other times they may go up to 3 or 5 multiplied by whatever win was made- imagine if we won with 10 coins? It would then become 200 coins rather than 100 because we got five thumbs ups from our multiplier bubbles floating around us!

A Wizard of Oz Game

The Ruby Slippers game in Vegas is well known for being a jackpot slot machine. The fact that the maximum bet requirement to enter this high paying option makes it less profitable than other slots, but if you’re looking to break out of your penny-pinching habits and have some fun, then why not?

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