Valiant Knight Slots Review

Valiant Knight Slots

There’s nothing better than a retro-style game that will take you back to your childhood! This WMS machine features beautiful visuals and joyous music. It has everything we love about gaming, with the exception of expensive prices.

Free Valiant Knight Slot Machine Game + Real Money Casinos

Experience the classics all over again! This WMS machine features beautiful visuals and joyous music, just like your favorite games from childhood. We have everything we love about gaming without expensive prices – be sure to get one for yourself today!

Valiant Knight Slot Machine

The Valiant Knight slot by WMS offers a new experience for land-based slots. This game features four reels, one main and three smaller reel sets on the right side of the screen with 20 paylines each. The player needs to play 40 coins per spin in order to start spinning this 5-reel 80-payline machine from WMS Creative Kitchen!

The knight in the medieval themed slot is trying to win over a beautiful princess with high-value symbols like shields, crowns and emerald rings. The rest of the positions are filled by horses, daggers and crossbows that show up as they fight their way through fierce battles.

Playing for Real Money

Valiant Knight’s design is striking, with its high-contrast color scheme and beautifully ornamented armor. It boasts a 95% return to player ratio so you know just how good it can be for your budget when the jackpot hits! In Valiant Knight all of our favorite symbols are portrayed by knights in their shining white armors: wilds stand out as brave little swordsmen who help form winning combinations on every reel they land on.

When you have the Scatter symbols on your screen, any Wild or Scatter that appears will be transferred to all other reel sets. This is great because it gives an opportunity for a higher payout and their free spins feature activates when 3 or more scatter symbols are earned in one of the smaller reelsets by landing at least two scatters per set.

All the smaller reel sets have to be activated in order for the features that produce free rounds, or increased multipliers. You get 10 free games played at a 12x multiplier if you activate it on your main set of reels and then all three other small sets are also active with their own unique rulesets as well – 3 activation results in 10 spins multiplied by 9; 2 activations will give you 10 spin’s worth tripled wins, while 1 activates gives you up to 30 times more than what was originally placed into each individual bet before triggering this feature.

The symbols that provide the most in prizes are wild and the royal shield delivering 200 coins for five of a kind each. Land 5 princess or servant symbols on a payline and you will earn 100 coins. The payout is quite low, but knowing that you can create winning combinations across 4 reel sets makes this game worth playing. While it’s possible to win 250k while playing Valiant Knight slot machine, cloned Wilds and Scatters make WMS games so enjoyable if one manages to trigger free spins feature on all four reelsets at once!

The Valiant Knight slot is one of the most amazing games in WMS’s arsenal. It has 12x multipliers, which can result in some huge payouts! The graphics come in bright colours with Wilds animated when included within a winning combo and they are accompanied by an upbeat melody that you may even find yourself humming along to. If you want more than just sound effects though, then don’t worry as these too can be turned off if desired so all your focus is on those big prizes up for grabs – not any distractions from other players near or around you at home who might distract your attention away from this game!

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