Van Helsing Slots Review

Van Helsing Slots

Play the classic Van Helsing slots for free or real money and enjoy a no-popup ad experience.

Van Helsing Slot Machine

Van Helsing is a game made by WMS Gaming, similar in style to games like Lil’ Red and Spartacus. The design of the slot machine creates an almost spooky atmosphere with both graphics and sound effects when you hit bonus rounds. Van Helsing is unlike any other slots that have come before it because instead of two reels on one screen there are now two screens plus another set for reel number three – making this giant-sized!

Colossal Reels: The Pharaoh’s Riches is a big reel, multipliers and free spins game which offers players the chance to win in any of three different ways. Spinners can choose between extra wilds, expanding wilds or multiplying reels with 1x-5x prizes per line and 2X multiplier for every second spin during bonus rounds.

We have a review of Van Helsing slots, as well as many other MWS games which are all great. Forbidden Dragons and Lil Red Slots from the first series feature dark-themed graphics that offer horror themes for those who enjoy it. The second series has cuter visuals, such as Colossal Wizards or Giants Gold slots to name just two examples out of plenty! Towers Of The Temple is another excellent game in this range too with really nice imagery and sounds

The version of the game we have here is actually a pretty good emulation of what you would find in Vegas. This could be considered quite an accomplishment, considering how big these reels are. I think it helps if you’ve played this before in person at a real brick and mortar casino because that’s when memories really come to life for me — walking through those doors onto my favorite carpeted floor with such rich colors surrounding me!

The experience (or lack thereof) can make all the difference between playing on your phone and trying out live roulette tables like they do in our physical casinos every day; especially as soon as I walk into one where their very best games await inside waiting just for players who want to give them some time.

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