Viking Vanguard Slots Review

Viking Vanguard Slots

In the world of slots, there is a game that reigns supreme. That game would be Dragons Fire (or dragons inferno). The best part about this particular slot machine is it’ll sometimes have an attached WMS random jackpot which means you could win some serious cash without even spending any money! With all these pros and cons to playing on a regular basis, whichever path you decide will surely lead to victory in your own fashion.

Free Viking Vanguard Slot Machine Game + Real Money Casinos

Dragons Fire is the most popular game in casinos all over America. The best way to win on this slot machine is with a random built-in jackpot, which means you don’t even have to spend any money! While it can be tempting at times, choosing not to play often will lead you down your own path of victory – find what works for YOU and stick with that strategy.

Viking Vanguard Slot Machine

The Viking Vanguard online slot machine is inspired by Norse mythology and features a male and female viking that award some of the biggest payouts. The game has 6 reels, 4 rows, 60 fixed lines with medium-value symbols represented by wolves, stone signs and ravens. This no frills video slots player offers Wilds on all reel positions to help you complete more winning combinations: it can appear in stacks; replace regular wilds; or be used as dragon scatter symbol which appears when making consecutive spins without any winnings – this causes ten free games played at random bet level during double multiplier mode!

Bonus Scatter symbols are the tree leaves – dried up and dead. The symbol triggers free spins, which vary depending on how many Bonus scatter symbols appear across three of five reels at once. These can be 8, 20 or 100 free games with each reel having a chance to transform into Wild Stack (a stack where every card is face down) for additional rounds!

Viking Vanguard is a slot that will have you feeling like you’re part of the Norsemen’s voyage to find Valhalla. This game features five reels and twenty-five paylines, which means there are plenty opportunities for wins! Its bonus round may be its most exciting feature; it guarantees at least 5x your total bet when playing free spins rounds with this game as long as they end in at least 10x times what was wagered or more during play. The top paying symbol on Viking Vanguard is the male character who awards 150 coins if six appear anywhere on any winning line – but don’t worry about getting bored from all these riches because each spin could easily yield an award worth thousands of coins so stay tuned to see how lucky YOU can get

The female warrior awards 25 coins for the same combination whereas 4 or 5 Scatters award 10x and 15x your bet on top of free spins.

The mighty female warriors are here to grant you power, but if you don’t have enough courage then it will be taken away from ya! A huge reward awaits those that dare enter the battle zone with a risk worth taking because anything can happen when fighting in this land – whether its powers outages, increased security measures or surprise attacks like new feature releases.

Real Money Slot Game Payouts

Viking Vanguard is a medium high volatility, 9-payline slot with 2 different ways to win. The most lucrative symbol appears in 2 story stacks and if you are lucky enough, you can easily complete multiple winning combinations with it. The maximum possible payout stands at 9000 coins which isn’t much but this game pays fairly frequently (2/3 max bet). Even better news? You’ll only need 30 cents per spin and 60 lines of payouts for your bets! This means that Viking Vanguards has an RTP of 95%. We recommend giving the Vikings’ shield a spin or two!

If you’re a fan of Norse tales and want an epic experience, this is the slot for you! You’ll love the detailed graphics that make every spin exciting. Plus with up to 5 reels going wild during free spins, there’s plenty of opportunities for high payouts on each round.

You know when you are playing a WMS slot and the graphics for this one take your breath away, right? That’s exactly what happened to me. I could not believe my eyes! This is like something out of an epic fantasy book come alive on our screens. The eerie backdrop with mountains in the background make it feel as though we have been transported into another world where dragons seem harmless and cuddly by comparison to all that surrounds them within these reels which don’t stop spinning until you cash out or hit Max Bet button–and even then they keep turning so there must be no end point (or beginning)
to their journey through time here at Dragon Slots Online Casino .

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