Volts And Bolts Slots Review

Volts and Bolts Slots

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Volts and Bolts Slot Machine Review

A game laden with creativity and uniqueness, Volts and Bolts video slot has all the bells-and-whistles that a player could hope for. With 50 fixed paylines to bet on across three rows of five reels, there are plenty of opportunities to win big in this lively laboratory environment where Dr. Volts creates new life while zapping robots into existence!

After hearing a rumor about the mad scientist’s secret lab, you finally found an entrance and made your way inside. You’re not sure what to expect as you enter his laboratory and take in all of the contraptions, potions, strange symbols from other languages – but nothing could prepare for what you saw on this shelf! All sorts of scientific gadgets are just waiting to be picked up by someone who has no idea how they work or why they exist. A few recognizable items include J Q K & A with their lower values that represent numbers; also included is “Volts And Bolts” logo which signifies electricity-related objects like electric meters (which interestingly enough seem absent), wrenches (used for tightening bolts) along with various shapes covered in different

The graphics are top notch, and the style is a bit on the cartoony side. There are three special symbols in this game: The robot Scatter and fizzing battery Wild which will get you into Robot Bonus Spins when landing 6 of them anywhere on your reel grid. Once activated, these six icons stay there for 5 more spins so if any other robots appear during that time they’ll be added to it as well! With enough line-ups you can combine all sorts of different numbers together with those low value ones like 2 or 3 – just make sure not to let anything go without trying because who knows what could happen?

The more areas you cover, the bigger the reward at the end of round. For example, by occupying 12 positions on reels, you can expect a Minor or Major Bonus payout; for 250x total bet amount. The bonus jackpot amounts are displayed above reels and range from 20x to 5000x your wager depending on which one is activated. Three mad scientist symbols anywhere in view will initiate Free Spin rounds with 12 freebies that may be retriggered into Robot Bonus Spins where players enjoy up to 90 consecutive spins without interruption!

The more places you occupy during game play results in higher payouts when it’s time for bonuses – after all each area covered means an additional chance at increasing winnings so make sure every spot

Volts and Bolts is a slot game that supplements the regular icons with Wilds, Scatters, Volts. The robot parts on your screen can help you earn big wins for 15 or more consecutive symbols appearing. With 95% return rate and 750x top payout if achieving this goal, have fun electrifying your bankroll!

You don’t have to be a gamer on the go to enjoy Volts and Bolts slot. This game is currently compatible with smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads (or any other device for that matter), allowing you to play it wherever there’s an internet connection! With this state-of-the art software by IGT(tm) Entertainment Games Limited located out of Las Vegas: Nevada in between California and Arizona; players can expect medium variance gameplay as they try their luck at winning coin jackpots worth up $1 million!

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