Wonder Woman Bullets And Bracelets Slots Review

Wonder Woman Bullets and Bracelets Slots

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Wonder Woman is one of many fierce female superheroes you can find in video games, films, TV series and comic books. She has a special mission: save humanity from evil forces by using her bulletproof bracelets as weapons against those who would do harm within society today – terrorists like Al Qaeda operatives or even bankers that are destroying people’s livelihoods through illegal financial dealings such as mortgage fraud. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is when it comes to gambling; all players have their own unique opportunity at winning prizes ranging from $5 up to thousands of dollars here at Casino

Wonder Woman Bullets and Bracelets Slots

Wonder Woman Bullets and Bracelets is a five-reel, four row slot machine designed by WMS. Available bonuses include mystery symbols, the U-Spin wheel and two different free spins rounds. This game looks perfect on mobile phones with portrait mode being used which allows players to see Wonder Woman in all her animated glory while sitting at the centre of an impressive background; this can be seen for desktop users as well but there are large amounts of blank space displayed both sides so it’s best suited to small screens like smartphones or tablets where playability doesn’t suffer from these empty spaces.

Wonder Woman has been a beloved icon for decades, and now she will also be seen on your desktop. Icon designs offer various iterations of Wonder Woman in action that correspond to different playing card royals with an equal payout between them all. There are four medium value symbols: J-Q-K-A which share the same payout as each other but have unique artwork; then there is Diana’s face, who serves double duty by being both a high and low value symbol depending on how many appear at once (the higher amount wins). Scatters do not provide cash prizes individually but can activate special features when they come up during game play!

Real Money Wonder Woman Slots

Wonder Woman’s Bullets and Bracelets is a medium-high variance, high shot at winning up to 4000x your total stake. To win this top prize you need to get lucky in the U-Spin wheel bonus and draw the Mega Jackpot; even if not drawing it gives other exciting bonuses with great wins! The RTP for this slot machine game is 95.51%, which falls slightly below average but players control their wager by clicking or tapping plus and minus keys until they find a bet they like that suits them best from EUR0.50 -EUR50 per spin

You can also set up the Auto Play function to spin the reels for you automatically. Every spin has a chance of appearing with mystery symbols. Mystery icons can appear in any position, and will always reveal the same symbol across all icons. Find three Scatters on reels two, three and four to win an U-Spin wheel bonus! It awards one wheel spin during which you could have some luck – it might be free spins or cash prizes! The cash prizes range from 2x to 10x; if either minor or major jackpot are won then additional prizes using secondary wheels will take place too

Draw a Knock Out Wilds free spins round to win eight extra turns! During this special feature, every time you land on the playing field with one of these wilds they will lock into position and remain there until your turn ends. To make it more enticing, during Free Spin rounds each locked in wild increases the reel size from 5×4 (5 rows by 4 columns) to 5×8 (6 rows by 8-column). This means that instead of getting only two spin on an expanded board we get all eight. Plus as if that’s not enough incentive for some players – once those reels are fully grown up; “Wild” symbols can appear anywhere except slots 2 through 4.

When we get free spins, Wilds will replace randomly selected icons on the playing field. This is a great way to potentially turn your game into something totally different! If you have any two adjacent symbols that are both wild, they can move and form groups of three or more for added wins as well.

If you’re looking for some Transforming Wilds fun during these 8 extra turns, keep in mind that each spin has its own chance at unlocking one!


The best jackpot you can win is worth 4000x. It can be scored by winning the Mega Jackpot from the U-Spin wheel, with a maximum of 20x for minor and major prizes and 100x for 1st place in each round. You have to trigger Knock Out Wilds free spins mode where it will gradually increase your playing field until you’re left with one 5×8 board that has 100 paylines as well as Mystery icons not appearing on either bonus rounds available!

Players are always on the lookout for these elusive creatures. They only appear when you’re playing and they can be anywhere – even behind your back!

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