Zeus 1000 Slots Review

Zeus 1000 Slots

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Zeus 1000 Slot Machine

The Greeks were not the only ones to have a god named Zeus. The original WMS slot machine game with this name is an absolute classic, as are many other games which pay homage to it by using similar names in their titles. One such remake of the popular Greek mythological story is “Zeus 1000″ made by WMS and released on December 27th 2017- barely one year after its predecessor, but nonetheless heavily anticipated due to its continued success for over two decades. Its gameplay retains much of what players loved about previous versions like Spartacus or Lil Red; namely that reels (the mythical representation) are colossal yet easy enough even children can play them without difficulty.”

Zeus is a video slot machine with wilds that come in stacks. It’s one of the best features ever and it gets really exciting when you see 2, 3 or even 4 or those stacks appear on the first screen. The sense of anticipation and adrenaline rush are wonderful! You’ll find Zeus 1000 at major casinos like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno so get ready for some big wins!

You may not be able to get a high limit slots room with the game, that I have seen. But if you are lucky enough to hit the 30 free spins in Zeus: Master of Olympus, by the end of it there will be absolutely loads of zeus symbols on each reel for some pretty massive wins!

Bonus Game in Zeus 1000

A few more tweaks and we’ve got a winning slot. Those all-seeing eyes on the Zeus 1000 couldn’t be better at watching for your wins, which is why it’s so important that you know how to play those free spins right! Get yourself 10 or 20 of these spinning reels during bonus rounds – they’ll give you an even greater chance of hitting up one column after another with prizes galore. You can bet this game will have something in store for everyone who plays it!

As always, Colossal Reels has special bonuses just waiting to get paid out big time: ten different symbols grant between 15 and 30 free games depending on what type they are – but as if there weren’t already enough good reason not

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