Zeus Iii Zeus Slots Review

Zeus 3 Slots

Zeus 3 slots is a wonderful way to play three games for free. You don’t have to worry about pesky pop-up ads or other spam because they are not present in this game!

Zeus 3 Slots lets you enjoy the convenience of playing multiple rounds without any hassles from annoying advertisements, spammers, and those pesky pop up windows.

Zeus 3 Slot Machine

Zeus 3 has a completely different format from the classic video slot machine found in casinos around the world. This latest release, which is called Zeus 3 by WMS for Las Vegas players. For most of them it’s still the best game out there and many others have copied this successful theme over time to make their own versions. We’re lucky enough that we can play here with our free version!

This game is different from the usual 5×3 or 5×4 format, in that it’s more like a triangle. You can play on 6 reels with 192 winning lines – and as you could imagine, this makes for highly volatile gameplay. It may be easy to go long periods without hitting any big wins but then when one does come up, they’re huge! I’ve played Zeus 3 both at Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos – although these have been my worst experiences so far!

Zeus 3 is one of those slots that needs a careful budget applied to it. The bonus round, which reverses the reel order for maximum winnings possibilities, can be an expensive game when played in succession or as you hit max bet and start spinning like crazy with no wins at all. That said though I’ve had some great big payouts on this slot – so if you’re up for high volatility games then Zeus 3 will not disappoint!

As a penny player, I tend to just stick $20 into the machine and once that is gone, it’s like my life force has been drained.

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